Saturday, August 30, 2008

Orcapalooza This Saturday

BRK put up the Loot list for his shin dig.

I will not be participating in this event. Why? because I have a deep seated loathing of scavenger hunts. So you can understand why I would not go.

I mean a LOATHING to the point of hives.

I think you would find me wearing pink before I would willingly do a scavenger hunt. I will be having fun NOT going to Orcapalooza. So you all have fun!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Log Says A Meat Man

I have no idea how my combat log was turned on and off at different points. So I installed the add-on LoggerHead to help with automatically turning on and off the file.

It has been a month since using the add-on. So far I have been happy with the add-on. Now I just need to take the time to LOOK at the information.

I cleaning out my Combat Log file. I found really random things. In my file almost a year ago I see he sure likes his Clefthoof with a side of Talbuk:

11/4 16:15:02.046 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:05.062 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:05.250 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:08.265 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:08.390 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:11.484 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:11.687 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:14.703 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:14.906 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:17.812 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:18.015 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:20.937 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:21.140 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:24.062 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:24.250 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:27.281 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:27.468 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:30.593 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:30.796 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:33.718 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:33.906 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:36.937 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:37.125 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:40.265 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:40.437 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:43.484 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:43.671 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:46.593 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:46.796 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:49.812 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:50.203 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:53.328 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:53.531 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:56.468 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:56.640 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:59.781 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:15:59.968 Bigredkitty begins to cast Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:16:02.890 Bigredkitty creates Roasted Clefthoof.
11/4 16:16:07.406 Bigredkitty begins to cast Talbuk Steak.
11/4 16:16:10.421 Bigredkitty creates Talbuk Steak.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Guild Notes

Checking who was online in guild I noticed a change in my note. Our guild doesn't have many notes so this kind if sticks out. This maybe evidence of my killing problem rearing its head again.

Some of the best notes I have seen are from others giving them to you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quest for the Gold Medallion: Iuncusia

Iuncusia (37 Druid):
I am leveling. You hear me LEVELING. Leveling Leveling Leveling Leveling. I haven’t had a problem killing anything.

*glare* We have to kill Horde to get my Gold Medallion. WRONG… I have to WIN against Horde to get my Gold Medallion.

I don’t see kiting, or healing, or stealthing, or… or… WINNING. Seriously you $^@#* (#*^&@ and your pet too.

*sigh* I need to fix something. Hydra tells me that the only thing you can fix is myself and tell people about Shift+M.

Ohnoes. I am in battle with level 22 items. EEP. Need to fix that.

But what should I focus on in battlegrounds? There seems to be a lot of individuals just randomly killing. So that is not needed. What does that leave me? *shiver* Healz *double shiver*

So I stack stamina, intellect, and the only piece of healing gear I could find in the auction house. Spent around 18G in all. And the stamina gear will help with the leveling, so all is good. I WILL NOT RESPEC. So I plan on healing feral. DEAL.

Right off I remind everyone about shift+m and watch my map. Horde has farm, LM, BS, and mine? I head to farm to check out the bored out of their mind Horde. *wait wait wait* There they go. *turns farm* Which in turns make 3-5 defenders from the other nodes return to farm. So off I go to LM. Then back to farm. Then to mine. I had six flag assaulted in a game. Sooo much better…

*grumble* I did that healing thing. *grumbles more* Apparently Horde don’t like when you are healing stabby stabby rogues or chop your head off warriors. *shrug* go figure. I GO BEAR. Grrr.

No mount! lol

I win! You lose. I get my dragon! Bye Bye... or ... Bai Bai.

To be continued introducing Artume…

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fishing Observation

Ever notice that the fishing pools in Nagrand have sparkles. But the ones in Terokkar Forest forest do not.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have my first rated piece of PvP gear!My 2v2 partner and I were having fun. Running games over and over. There were some where we out lasted an identical team, Healy Pallie and Lock. The one that gave us the hardest trouble was a Hunter/Pallie team.

Our mistake was to assume the Hunter was Marksman but sadly it took us three losses to realize that the hunter was Survival. *sigh* We did get our rating after our second week of playing above 1500 (we skip weeks). But an unfortunate queue later that night put us up against our bane for the night. We lost yet again. *grumbles about stupid traps*

A friend of ours hopped into our channel to chat while we were doing our 2v2s. He listened for a while and asked if we had a 3v3 team. I handed him gold and told him to sign us up. My dear sweet Retribution Pallie friend has a Challenge title from last year. I figured the gold was worth it just for even one week to help us understand our own dynamic and learning about the other classes.

And I was schooled alright.

We had great winning streaks. A RMP team CC us to death. Which was expected. Hopefully next time we will be able to us Megan's strategy effectively.

My biggest thing was to get across how important it was to get the rogue, warrior, or shadow priest off me. I think the “Ow Ow Ow warrior Ow.” or the “Get it. Get it. Get it. Rogue killing me.” moved us in the right direction. I also learned about a very lovely spell called Blessing of Freedom.

We kept hovering around 1500. To the point were I told them I refused to look cause I was having too much fun just playing. I didn’t want the pressure on a game to be concerned about rating. So when our game became 3v1 and congrats went out on my pants, I was shocked to giddiness.

It was not expected at all.

After I enchanted my new pants, we did some AV. With some buffs I almost hit 17K health! I didn’t have Naltog with me or stamina food but I could have pushed myself over the edge. No I will not be going into Arenas with all that extra stamina, but that sure looked nice in battlegrounds.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quest for the Gold Medallion

Hydra (70 Lock):
The Gold Medallion... Remember I don’t PvP. If I don’t get it first, I never will go into battle. Anything but AV is horde dominated in the Emberstorm battlegroup. I hope to achieve some wins with my guild mates and friends. We run Alterac Valley and to fill in the wait time some Eye of the Storm. After winning four AVs in a row I had no Gold Medallion.

We were having fun killing in EotS. I was guarding Fel Reaver. One of the ladies I play with is a Priest healer. It was absolutely great. She would go help assault Bloodelf tower. When it got hot for her she would lead her assailants toward me at Fel Reaver. I would run down the ramp and they would run away. We were laughing so hard.

I am not kidding … hunter, druid, or rogue. It didn’t matter. Priest to Hydra. Running scared Horde. She would sit below me and drink up. Then off to heal again. This happened six times and we laughed each time.

[Priest] What did you do to the Horde Hydra to make them so scared of you??
[Hydra] I put on my angry lock face. grrr.

Sure enough Gold Medallion was mine after that win in EotS. Quite proud that is was not an AV.

Aurum (19 Rogue):
So you get a Gold Medallion for beating on Horde. You are kidding right? I beat on them in my sleep. Hydra said it may take a few games. Picked up a friend, capped three flags, and wiped off my blades after each honor kill. I have mail… look at that … a new tabard and a Gold Medallion.

Iridium (29 Hunter – Horde):
Received notes from Aurum about how easy she had it to achieve her medallion. If that is the case I shouldn’t have a problem. Was I wrong. Game after game it would be a frustrating loss or win with nothing but the tabard. So I called it a night.

Lets try this again. I have so much fun in there in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. What is different? Then it hit me. Apparently the horde responds to dingbat girl talk. *clears throat* I can like totally start doing that.

[Iridium] *squeal* I like absolutely love Precious.
Iridium huggles Precious.
[Iridium] Precious and I are like going mine. And you should TOTALLY help me.
[Iridium] But you know … only the cool ones. The rest should go LM and BS.

[Iridium] WooHoo! Go team. Everybody group hug!
Iridium hugs everyone.

*jumps up and down* I like so had a pet dragon in my mail. He is so cute I just want to cuddle wuddle him.

Molybdenum (37 Hunter - Horde):
I’m leveling here. I am trying to reach 70 sooner then later. A break for some battleground can be fit in. Well at least a game or two, because there are mines to be had and gold to be made. I am not geared for battle. We shall see how this goes.

Some gear would be nice to help with leveling. I think I shall get myself the Outrider’s Bow and build up some marks for gear. Now I just need a scope made.

Arathi Basin seems promising. Kitted Alliance around like puppets and enjoyed every moment of it. When the person next to me knew to change the flag while I kitted, I know we would win. There it was the Gold Medallion on the first game. Yea I am up to a few more to see if I can get the tabard.

To be continued by Iuncusia and introducing Artume…

Friday, August 22, 2008

Loot the SPINE, not the Mage!

I went into Black Temple for the first time Monday. The raid was prepared to eat glass on the first boss, High Warlord Naj'entus. Videos watched and strategies discussed. I took a lot of pictures. I kind of felt like a tourist…

Look at the door. *click*
Oh! Scary mobs *click*
Torch lit passageways *click*
Look it is a ROCK! *click*

We discussed, we sorted, we stood our ground. First attempt went really well. I sorted out my Deadly Boss Mods positioning. That is something I end up having to do first time at every boss. I forget that sometimes new windows pop up for a new boss fight. I never check. Totally should put that on my list of to do’s prior to raid.

I forgot were we got him to that first attempt. I know it was long enough for the raid to understand when to throw the spines. Everyone made the macro and used it correctly:

/use Naj'entus Spine

I was really excited about that first attempt. Our healers topped off the raid at the right time. I picked up a spine and threw it at the right time. I was one of the last to die for the wipe.

All buffed up and ready to go. Second take!

Everything was going well. I was between 2 mages. I stayed equidistance between the two big Draenei. WAMMY! Spine on Mage on the Left. *click* *click* *frantically keeps clicking* *dead mage*


In all that is evil I did not purposely (this time) let the mage die. I clicked. He saw me click. I was clicking!!

I was in disbelief that the mage was dead on my left. So I stood on him. Maybe they will not notice that he was dead. *grin*

A bit later I received my own spiney death. That was an agonizing last 20%. I watched Naj’entus’ health slowly drop. I was not able to help. I thought he was kind of cuddly for a fish.
On this esteemed occasion The Maelstrom's Fury and Halberd of Desolation dropped. Mount Hyjal will not drop caster loot for us but looks like we are having better luck in Black Temple. *hopes she didn’t just jink it*

One of the locks received the new pretty. He was so excited about it. He showed his appreciation to me in our lock channel. (The priest is one of our shadow priests. He is allowed. But don’t get me started about the “I have a lock” druids in the channel.)
We still had a lot of time left in the raid. So off we went to visit Sepremus. He was one glowy big …rock. We got him to 49% with no other prep work then what our raid leader told us. I think he was even reading during our breaks.

Aww. You noticed. Yea I did receive my first T5 piece. Void Reaver dropped a token the other week and I was the reciever. So the Mantel of the Corruptor became mine. I look good in skulls.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My More Mount Macro

After casually working for the Netherwing Dragonflight the last few months I have finally received my dragon. I did a few of the dailies maybe twice a week. It was slow going for me. I do have to say that a few times the only quest I did was the Booterang. There is just something extremely right about that quest.

Here I am flying with a mighty wing span…

With multiple flyers and ground mounts, I pushed the limits of the 255 character max for my mount macro. To help solve this I use the item numbers. I found them by looking at the URL using There maybe a better way to find the numbers but I found this efficient for my purposes.

[Purple Riding Nether Ray] = item:32316
[Swift Purple Gryphon] = item:25529
[Reins of the Violet Netherwing Drake] = item:32862
[Stormpike Battle Charger] = item:19030

Replacing the mount names, I went from 112 (26+22+26+38) characters to 40 (10+10+10+10) characters. This change allowed me to fit in all my mounts.

/stopmacro [flying]
/userandom [nomodifier,outdoors,nomounted,flyable] item:25529, item:32316, item:32862; [outdoors,nomounted] Summon Dreadsteed, item:19030
/userandom [modifier:alt,outdoors,nomounted] Summon Dreadsteed, item:19030
/dismount [mounted]

Without the spaces between the different mounts the entire macro is 245 characters. I left the spaces in at the moment.

I would really like to shorten "Summon Dreadstead" but I was having trouble making it work. I am still under the 255 characters with it written out. But I am working towards item:29228. It will all fit... I will make it fit.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blessing from the AH

My guild is still progressing into Mount Hyjal and just starting Black Temple. So I am getting together Shadow Resistance gear. In doing so I realized I should reevaluate my overall gear. One improvement is the Darkmoon Card: Crusade.

I have debated hard if I should be spending the gold to put together the Blessings Deck. All together it would be over 3,000 gold to collect all eight cards. It could even be 5,000 gold if you have sellers who understood the demand.

It is not like I don’t have the gold, but is this what I want to spend it on? You know with the next expansion there is going to a lot of new gear. Is the few months use worth all the gold for the trinket? I am not sure. But the raider in me says “Why do you not have this yet!” *blush*

I minimum bid on an Ace and picked it up for 1,135 gold. So I am now just down to the five, six, and seven. So while searching for those I pick up this

Can you say gold back guarantee.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Not a Real Post

After Monday and Tuesdays fiasco with the BlizzCon tickets, or should I say the non-tickets fiasco after dealing with it for two days straight. I couldn’t justify more time spent with WoW. So those non-tickets cut into my blog writing and WoW time.

The whole BlizzCon fiasco effected my play time so much I asked my guild to go to Mount Hyjal without me. I alt-ed myself for the raid. It was a last ditch effort to get tickets through the website. Throughout the fiasco I got to the “Order Confirmation” page three different times and each time I got the “status of an item has changed” message teasing me.

With all this my modem or router is disconnecting both computers at the same time. I am not sure which the culprit is. I really have no idea where to go to pick up a new modem since the one we use is the one we originally got many years ago. I didn’t even know you were supposed to replace them yourself. I thought the DSL Company did that. But apparently since I am currently not on contract they want me to look at cable modems too.

As for the raid that I missed? My guild had our first kill of Anetheron, the second boss in Mount Hyjal. Husband and I both missed it. Both the Claw of Molten Fury and Fist of Molten Fury dropped from the trash and became hunter loot instead of rogue loot.

Thanks Blizzard for that memory.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marriage Means Nothing in Arena

I am now at 383 resilience. I am slowly replacing non-resilience/PvE gear with the highest I can get PvP gear. My newest acquisition was the Brutal Gladiator’s Touch of Defeat. I will then start replacing my rep gear items.

My AV marks have been going to the mail for quite a while. When I went to turn in a quest I saw this beauty.Hydra is sitting on a Stormpike Battle Charger. He goes nicely with my Gold Medallion. Emberstorm 70 Alliance doesn’t do so hot in anything but AV. I am quite proud that I earned my dragon with an EotS win.

I have a new 2v2 partner. We are Healy Pally and SL/SL lock. This was our fist week of games. I would say we were about even. Win some and lose some.

Biggest things we are learning:
  • Getting use to how we both move in the arena.
  • Translating the few things we say on vent count.
  • Realizing what information is important to each other.
Arena 2v2s are fun. Even the part where we saw Husband and his hunter partner disappear at the same time as us. I just saw 2 of my 5v5 disappear. From guild location, they are in the same arena as us. *sigh* They out gear us big time. It was a close game. But stupid stun locking rogue got to me twice. Someone should tell him that he is supposed to NOT kill his WIFE.

As for stun locking rogues, we had our first long fight (actually had a couple of great ones through the night.) This one was fun because it was a rogue/priest. It boosted my confidence that we were able to kill a team that had a rogue in it. With Pally stun and my fear we were able to get breathing room.
The priest kept trying to sit and eat and/or drink. What were they using? With no mage I have no idea. But I want to get myself and my partner some of the good stuff.

Sold OUT!!!

I got all the same errors...

Error loading stylesheet: An XSLT stylesheet does not have an XML mimetype:


The site is down for maintenance.

The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


The character '>' was expected.

Looping Agreement form.


So supposedly it was all fixed but I got all the same errors. Website was up at 12:50 ish and by 1:03 pm what did I get for over 39 hours of my time...


Seriously, this is asinine to the tenth degree.

Edit... apparently they are trickling in the tickets or something. So if you refresh you may get lucky. I got lucky once to get to the purchasing screen and it told me "status of one of your items has changed". *sigh*

WTB BlizzCon Tickets!

So the saga goes like this…
  • Make a Blizzard Store account the day before.
  • Get up the morning and start the process. (This is where it should end after 15 minutes. But then this would not be a saga.)
  • After three hours of frustration, Husband wakes up. (I have less frustration eating glass on raid bosses I know we can down.)
  • I grumble rant about how the premier MMO can not figure out how to manage an online retail site. (Seriously I have names Blizzard, just let me know if you need real programmers.)
  • Finally thinking rationally I find the customer service forum, at the time around 100 pages long.
  • After another hour or so still no luck.
  • Blizzard Store goes offline. FINALLY.
  • Husband and I go out to lunch and shopping. (Get away from the keyboard it is becoming hazardous for my sanity.)
  • Get back, site is still offline. But hope is there that it will be fixed.
  • Then the worse thing that could ever happen happened. The site came online, they SAID it was fixed but all the same problems were happening. YOU SAID IT WAS FIXED!
  • Sister called, she has plane tickets out here and is trying to get her tickets too. No luck.
  • More pounding on the store site and more reading updates on the forum. Forum is approaching 200 pages and counting.
  • I end my conversation with my sister cause well … Blizzard said it was fixed. NOT!
  • Passing the torch to Husband, he can click refresh every few minutes. I take a nap. I am very upset that my day was shot from something that should have taken 15-20 minutes.
  • Husband has no luck and wakes me up so we can prep for our TK raid tonight.
  • New forum update, 5:30 pm pst the site should be up. Yeah! Boo. That is raid time. GAWD!
  • For the rest of the night it is Husband’s task to keep up with the BlizzCon tickets, after 10 hours… I just couldn’t handle it anymore.
  • Husband whispers me latter that it wasn’t fixed and they yet again pulled off the website.
  • The forum tread is closed at 289 pages. A new start is made.
Seriously …
WTB BlizzCon Tickets.

Monday, August 11, 2008

BlizzCon Tickets On Sale

... I am only telling you because I thought "Maybe I should time my post for the afternoon." But that would be evil of me to not remind you. So in a moment to be "nice" I set this to remind you my fine reader that BlizzCon tickets go on sale today.

If I don't get tickets I blame you and my moment of "nice" weakness.

If I get tickets and you don't. *with as much sincerity as possible* Bahahaha /pat

Edit@11:45am: "The site is down for maintenance." WTB BlizzCon Tickets. For more information check out the forum.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Raptors Don't Speak Darnassian

I was going about Theramore Isle and got a distress call (maybe distress is a bit strong but he needed help so that is what I am calling it) from Stranglethorn Vale. Some hunter type person needed help killing. His pet was 6 level below his 38 seasons. I haven’t tried tanking for … carry the 2, subtract y, divide by 6… well a long time.

So we start killing Jungle Stalkers for the Raptor Mastery that Mr. Nesingwary gave us both. I felt a little bad. I had left the area to Theramore for easier pickings. But with this hunter we should be able to get those pesky raptors killed.

I start to nom nom nom on a raptor and yell mean things at them. I tank with my face. MY FACE! Apparently they don’t understand me cause off they go. Chasing down the hunter, who kites them… and then they die. Lets try this again… nom nom nom…then straight for the hunter… do they have me on ignore or something??

Here I am in my 36th season. I cannot hold aggro. I am so very embarrassed. The hunter to my back is associated with one of the tanks for Hydra. So I hunker down and try to put on a good show. Raptor after raptor would ignore me after about 25% and chase after the hunter. *growl*

If I cannot hold aggro I might as well kill faster. So I buff myself up and buff the hunter pet and hunter. He sends the pet in and auto shots. So I turned cat. But I still have the hunter targeted. What is that! What is he doing!!!

[Iuncusia] You’re using aimed shot right off! Aimed shot!! You &*^% and @$#$ that includes your pet too! grrr
[Hunter] haha

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I can keep moving while killing you.

Being lazy, I can stand in place while you run around and I kill you.

Even if I die, I can still kill you.

... it is good to be a warlock.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blog Stamina

My first blog birthday in July came and went by without me noticing. Happy belated blog birthday to me!

If I have ever touched on topics that I should be focusing on or expand on please let me know. Maybe I should make an email for you *grin* well send them to LiquidSilverHydra at gmail dot com. Or as always, you will just get my rambling collection of words.

I apologize for all my spelling and grammar mistakes. Thank you all for still reading. Over this year I have learned a lot. Not quite sure what that is… but it was a lot... of stuff.

Edit: I changed the email. Not that I don't have at gmail dot com. But I have this feeling I will never look at it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aw Shucks

[11:17] TheRatshag: for those who have not played with Hydra, it is like this normally:
[11:17] TheRatshag: "I'm cute, I'm cute, I'm cute, you're DEAD, I'm cute"

This Arena Thing

We are playing 5v5 arena for the points. Since we play with a full team, almost never is more than 3 games with the same 5 characters. We are learning. Having fun doing it. We went 6-4 this week which put up above 1400 and was a bonus.

In one Blade's Edge Arena... the other team made it 5v4 really quick. We had beat them once and in that game our best geared mage was highest dps. They smooshed him instantly the second go around. He might have survived a tiny bit longer... if he like... you know ... used ICE BLOCK!

We thought it was over. BUT we did it! Wait let me rephrase with more detail. I kited them around pillars and ramps. They killed my minion, eventually twice. But it was too late. They died. It was not a solo as my team mate called it. But I kept focus on me, which allowed my teammates to dee pee ess at will. But having all 5 kills? That was fun. I think I am getting used to this SL/SL build.

Friday, August 1, 2008

BlizzCon Tickets August 11

Blizzard posted a sneak peek at what will be in the goodie bag for this years convention.

But more importantly is the last piece of information...

"tickets go on sale August 11"

First Reader Poll

So this all started about the blizzard authenticator. I didn’t have one. I thought I should see if I could buy one directly form Blizzard. You never know. What is the worse thing that could happen? I get a “No sorry.” Well even my connection didn’t have one of his own, which is total fail on Blizzard to not offer it to their employees.

That wasn’t the end, he felt bad that there was no authenticator available … *shakes head* … you’re not going to believe this…

I now have a Muloc suit.

I tried to convince Husband that he NEEDED a murloc suit on his Rogue. The suit here is being styled by Husband’s twink Diem. But I am at an impasse with that. He told me it was mine.

You may ask “Hydra, what is the problem?”

DO YOU know who I AM? I am a master of shadow and fire. I summon demons to do my bidding. I conduct evil checks to ensure that I will not be kicked out of the Alliance. I manipulate my brethren for my own amusement. I kill slowly and painfully. I will leave creatures in agony to find another victim. I bring pain because it looked at me funny. I kill for the pure giggle factor.

and you want me to put on a Murloc suit.

Aurum the table dancing enchanting kick your butt banking gnome wants the Murloc Suit but already has the Hippogryph Hatchling.

Artume newly geared twink Hunter has shown some intrest. She hasn’t had much play time yet, but the Murloc Suit may separate her from all the other hunters out there. Granted she has Dartol's Rod of Transformation which transforms you into a Furbolg. But she said this would give her options.

The Horde are also vying for the suit. Both Iridum and Moly are being stoic about their chances though. Pointing out that Alliance has access to Dartol’s Rod and they get no love.

… and well Iuncusia just thinks she is the master of all forms and if I didn’t throw her name out there… I don’t want to have to clean up another furball.

So I put it to you my readers to help me. On the right of my blog there is my very first poll.* You tell me what I should do so they all don’t scream at me. If you feel up to it tell me why 'cause so far the only opinion I have on this is "Get over it."

* As suggested, Almost Evil Enterprises reserves the right to ignore anything and everything from this poll. Your votes mean nothing. *muahahahaha*