Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don't Shadow Trance If You Don't have To

I keep coming across things that changed in 5.0 that voids past knowledge. Does that make sense? Example. The new 5.0 Shadow Trance Gives your Corruption spell a 5% chance to cause you to regain a Soul Shard. 

Prior to the change it gave a free Shadow Bolt. If you didn’t click on your spell in the few seconds it was active you would lose that free Shadow Bold. This would dimish your dps because that was a chance to keep up your debuffs on the boss and of couse the dps from the Shadow Bolt.

Well DON’T immediately hit it now. 

For a while I kept hitting it as soon as it was up to refresh my Haunt. I thought it was a free shard and would vanish when the Shadow Trance buff left. This would override existing ticks of the currently applied Haunt. 

The Soul Shard doesn't vanish.

So...It was not necessarily the best use for the new Soul Shard. Depending on the situation you can use it for any available shard use.

This is the first time I have ever wished I could turn off Blizzard's Power Auras for a spell. Something about the aura coming on and the sound it makes still makes me want to USE IT IMMEDIATELY. Even after months of play. 

Tip: Just because you have Shadow Trance doesn't mean you need to do anything yet.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Podcasting and Raiding still!

Truthfully I just wanted to play.

Twisted Nether takes up any free time outside of WoW I have. Blogging just is not fitting in. That is not to say that I was not thinking of you. I am always thinking of you guys. I take SS that never get posted and even jot down little tidbits. I reconstruct events to their funniest to blog to you. But it never gets done.

Writing was NEVER my strong point. I am lucky to get an entire sentience put together. So the fact that I have had a blog as long as I have is shocking to me.

You can still find me on twitter @hydRAWR. With only 140 characters I can put that up using my smartphone. I tried to put a post together on that little screen. It was not pretty.

I am still raiding.

With 2 raid teams that separated and then combined. We have barely enough for 2 and not even close to enough for 25s. We will not go into my grumpyness and that whole thing. But everyone has stuck it through. Currently we are back to 1 ten man raid team… With 12 dps… which we will not go into. We are recruiting Tanks and Healers, and if you are set (husband and wife, sisters, brothers, BFFs, or whatever) the better.

We have cleared Mogu-shan Vaults. And in Heart of Fear we have the first 3 down. I think the team killed Wind Lord Mel'jarak, the forth boss, but I don’t know if they just pulled him or actually killed him.

I think it is pretty good for team(s) that has had to reorganize a few times in this expansion. If we can shore up a few more spots we might be able to run 2 teams again. 

If I can get a look at some of my notes maybe I will find some things not out dated to post. I hope you are enjoying your WoW time too.