Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Our Shadow Bolt got a new graphic. NO NOES!!! WHAT EVER ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!

/dramatically shakes fist at Blizzard. (Realizes no one thinks she is funny.)

This is a really good sign. This tells me that the balance is good with the 3 different specs. Beyond that the developers are able to spend more time on getting MoP out to us next year.

One raid came out and three new heroics are now available. It will be fun to see what the encounters designers are going to give us. This is the last major patch before an expansion. So take small bites of the new content.

With the new gear released they converted the points. If your Valor points + Justice Points was more then 4000 you may have lost some. BUT then make sure you go spend some points before doing any dungeons.

I don't feel like regurgitating the sparce patch notes for warlocks here today. I will give you some links if you are intching for more info. If it is really important for me to do that in to future you are going to have to let me know.

Fulguralis LINK
The Warlock's Den Patch 4.3 post LINK
Wowwiki Patch 4.3 notes LINK
Blizzard's Notes LINK

Friday, November 18, 2011

More about Sleeping

The Spawn slept in a small bassinet next to me for the first 4.5 months. During that time I could reach over as soon as she fussed.
After that I moved her into her own room, right next to ours. I was more of a mess then she was.

Everything woke me up.

Things that never woke me up did.

The first few nights I had the baby monitor on. And I think when The Spawn would sneeze it would wake me.

I learned that first week to turn OFF the baby monitor. Never used it since. Mostly because we have a small place.

The Spawn was a sleep talker. She also would fuss sometimes and go back to sleep. I didn't need to hear either.

You can hear the difference in your child's cry. There is a definite difference to “I'm tired and up, but don't want to be” cry versus the “I don't want to be by myself” cry. The first I learned to ignore so she would go back to sleep, the second I would go get her.

Have you heard of night time diapers? These are specially made diapers with extra padding for longer sleep periods. Someone gave us a bag.

They are expensive!

Side note... Diapers are really expensive but I found Baby Cheapskate early on and has bee a money saver.

I started using one size up diapers and got the same results.

That also made me watch prices for the bigger diapers. I could snag them in bulk if a good deal happened.

The bigger diapers definitely helped for a longer nights sleep as she got older.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Commited to Sleep

Greetings to you! I am amazed that you have stuck with me in my time of … blog AFK. I do wish I was able to update you more then I did. The Spawn is very funny. It would have been great to document at least some of the struggles and funnies this last year. I have a moment so I am going to reflect on one thing I learned.

“Sleep when the baby sleeps.”

You hear this all the time. You must commit to the idea. COMMIT TO IT.

Baby sleeps you sleep.

No dishes. No kitchen cleaning. No bottles. No laundry. No vacuuming. No phone calls. No Warcraft. No anything.

You slap your head on the pillow and rest.

No email. No bills. No thank you cards. No blog writing.

Turn off your brain anyway you know how and sleep. The baby may only sleep for one hour and if you can stare at the ceiling for that time at least your body will rest. But maybe if you do it enough you can train your body to sleep.

Now some will say that is just not realistic. Things have to get done. Who is going to do it??

Need to let it go. Sleep.

I know it is hard. You will read everywhere people telling you the same thing. But you have to be committed to the idea and realize your rest is more important than those dishes sitting in the sink.

Sleep for your own sanity.

When you are doing the safety procedures on an airplane they tell you. “First put on your own oxygen mask, then help children or anyone else.” This is a safety procedure. Your sleep should be considered in the same way.

I remember (vaguely) the first week after giving birth. Husband figured out a three hour rotation for us to get sleep. I wish I remember it all. He pretty much gave himself 6 hours of sleep. I would then sleep 2-3 hours he would wake me to feed the baby (breastfeeding) then I would go back to sleep for 2-3 hours. Then I would get up and he would go asleep for 3 hours. Next I would sleep for 2-3 hours. Rotate as needed.

I was so grateful for him those first 72 hours. He figured a schedule out and everyone got sleep in. Even after that we worked house stuff in too.

Make sleep a priority.

When I went to visit my parents. I handed over The Spawn and passed out on a spare bed. I mean really... I was not who they wanted to see. So why should I sit and socialize when sleep was way more important.

Celebrate what sleep you do get.

A nurse told me that a new born is classified as “Sleeping through the night” when they sleep 4-5 hours through. Hold that moment when it happens. At about two months The Spawn started doing that. I was thrilled! I cannot tell you how less tired that made me to know there was a chance I would get 8 hours of sleep eventually.

Commit to the idea and know that your health and the babies health will be better for your commitment.

… then there is showering.

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Had a Double O

Got your attention??!!

In September, I was asked by The Double O Podcast to come on a special episode as a guest.

Episode 8: Parental Guidance Strongly Suggested, the main topic was parenting and playing World of Warcraft. I thought the guest were really insightful. The questions were poignant. I think we got to discuss some really helpful things.

The questions are coming from Oestrus and Ophelie both without children. I think that is a plus. They asked their questions from the point of view of someone outside looking in. The incite the guests gave were nice. Hearing the things the other guests were going through also helped me. You know "It's not only me." idea.

I tried not to talk a lot but Hydra always gets her words in. If you listen there is a point where I can tell Oestrus is really struggling with all the negatives you hear about child raising. I put it in WoW terms.


In Warcraft you earn titles from your achievements: Kingslayer, Loremaster, Arena Master, etc. In life you also earn titles from achievements: Friend, Daughter, Son, Brother, Sister, Graduate, Artist, etc.

When you have a child you get more titles: Mother, Father, Mom, mommy, care taker, poop wiper, drool catcher, etc. But that doesn't make your other life achievements go away, they are just not he newest ones. Like in WoW that changes with time and you have to make an effort to select them.