Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quest for the Gold Medallion: Iuncusia

Iuncusia (37 Druid):
I am leveling. You hear me LEVELING. Leveling Leveling Leveling Leveling. I haven’t had a problem killing anything.

*glare* We have to kill Horde to get my Gold Medallion. WRONG… I have to WIN against Horde to get my Gold Medallion.

I don’t see kiting, or healing, or stealthing, or… or… WINNING. Seriously you $^@#* (#*^&@ and your pet too.

*sigh* I need to fix something. Hydra tells me that the only thing you can fix is myself and tell people about Shift+M.

Ohnoes. I am in battle with level 22 items. EEP. Need to fix that.

But what should I focus on in battlegrounds? There seems to be a lot of individuals just randomly killing. So that is not needed. What does that leave me? *shiver* Healz *double shiver*

So I stack stamina, intellect, and the only piece of healing gear I could find in the auction house. Spent around 18G in all. And the stamina gear will help with the leveling, so all is good. I WILL NOT RESPEC. So I plan on healing feral. DEAL.

Right off I remind everyone about shift+m and watch my map. Horde has farm, LM, BS, and mine? I head to farm to check out the bored out of their mind Horde. *wait wait wait* There they go. *turns farm* Which in turns make 3-5 defenders from the other nodes return to farm. So off I go to LM. Then back to farm. Then to mine. I had six flag assaulted in a game. Sooo much better…

*grumble* I did that healing thing. *grumbles more* Apparently Horde don’t like when you are healing stabby stabby rogues or chop your head off warriors. *shrug* go figure. I GO BEAR. Grrr.

No mount! lol

I win! You lose. I get my dragon! Bye Bye... or ... Bai Bai.

To be continued introducing Artume…

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