Monday, August 18, 2008

Blessing from the AH

My guild is still progressing into Mount Hyjal and just starting Black Temple. So I am getting together Shadow Resistance gear. In doing so I realized I should reevaluate my overall gear. One improvement is the Darkmoon Card: Crusade.

I have debated hard if I should be spending the gold to put together the Blessings Deck. All together it would be over 3,000 gold to collect all eight cards. It could even be 5,000 gold if you have sellers who understood the demand.

It is not like I don’t have the gold, but is this what I want to spend it on? You know with the next expansion there is going to a lot of new gear. Is the few months use worth all the gold for the trinket? I am not sure. But the raider in me says “Why do you not have this yet!” *blush*

I minimum bid on an Ace and picked it up for 1,135 gold. So I am now just down to the five, six, and seven. So while searching for those I pick up this

Can you say gold back guarantee.