Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Love. For Peace. For Honor...For Pony

That is my yell in battlegrounds. I have a lot of fun with it and will randomly yell it on both Horde and Alliance side. I chat with players who know the reference or I enlighten them.

Medallion of the Alliance (2 minute cooldown)

... or the Insignia of the Alliance. (5 minute cooldown)

That was the goal for last weekend. Not my goal, but my entire guilds goal. We have PvE players having to go PvP for a PvE purpose. Rage Winterchill does Ice Bolts and the trinket will help you not die. Not dieing in boss fights is a good thing.

We have the whole gambit of players.

  • Those that just needed a few hundred to get the medallion or insignia.
  • Others that have been playing for four years and have 22 honor.
  • Some that already had it.
  • Those (aka me) that had the 8,000 honor but to lazy to head over to Stormwind (it still smells) and buy it from Biggins.

So we put groups together and helped make it less painful for those that really didn’t want to be PvPing. One was one of our raid leaders, healy priest. THAT was funny stuff right there. I will grin at the memory of listening to my grumpy, cussing, and frustrated raid leader battling for survival and trying to keep people alive in the battleground.

Tips I gave.

1) Ignore BG chat. The cussing and epeening will happen and is not useful.

2) Don't ignore BG chat incase someone is actually giving useful information, like incoming.

3) Shift+m will help you know if back up is comming.

4) You’re going to die.

5) You are going to die alot.

Losing PvP is fun if it is done in style and class. We pushed the Horde. We were always moving and it was intense. Till the bitter end we would make the Horde work for every win. I jest. We won a lot more then we lost. But we always expected to lose, but played great games and if the win came it was a bonus.

I accumulated the most honor in one day, over three thousand. I really enjoyed playing with a goal of helping others. We also discussed tactics and were organized enough to try them out. I met some new players who are new to the guild. Everyone enjoyed themselves (less the raid leader) and had a relaxing PvP weekend in Arathi Basin.

My current PvP gear, all Rep PvP, S1, and raid drops, this puts me at 338 resilience. My PvP shadow damage is at 847 which is a far cry from my PvE spell damage of 1130 unbuffed (Fel Armor doesn’t count.) But I focused on timely use of my fear, banish, death coil, and instant Howl of Terror. So over all I felt I improved. I finally did get myself over to Stormwind and picked up my trinket.

... with all that said ... Hydra doesn't pee vee pee.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Warlock Macro Prank

... added to his Curse of Shadow macro by his brother. He said he would have never noticed if it was not for the fact that CoS was not working. Well that and the giggling on vent.

Monday, June 23, 2008

SSC 5/6 One More to Go!

Another boss, Fathom-Lord Karathress, goes down. After a couple of false starts we took two attempts to get him down. That just leaves Lady Vashj.

The pull was fun to learn. It feels very similar to the High King Maulgar from Gruul's Lair, where the raid has to time the pull to put each of the 4 mobs into their corner at the same time. We had 3 false starts, the pulls were not quite right. We reset the boss those times.

I was assigned Fathom-Guard Caribdis. My main roll was to keep curse of tongues on her. Also, I threw up a curse of shadow on all the other mobs . While doing my curse duty, my Rogue and I was also dealing damage. The warrior, rogue, and shaman did the healing interrupts. In the two real attempts, by the time the raid came to kill her, they had about 50% left.

It was fun. We learned a new fight.

Afterwards, with what time we had left of raid we went for Leo. We were a little short on dps. Also, it has been a while for us, the dps on and off was a bit off. We got him to 1%!! But it was raid time. So no killing Leo this week.

Best news! I have to say I was not looking forward to Leo. With that said ... My inner demon and I have come to an understanding. It dies, when I say it needs to die. We cuddled after the raid.

Lots of fun. Thanks to BA chat to letting me know about this site.

I giggled a this one.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lord Ahune Brings the Summer Frost

Lord Ahune is huge! I did a few runs with him on regular and got him down on heroic. I ran it this first night a total 11 times. I think we didn't kill him 3 of those times. When new members were learning the fight was when we had the most trouble.

I really liked the animation. We did have members have to turn down their graphics. The adds, the frost spikes, the AoEs, and ... well just everything made this fight laggy for some.

Both our enchanters had the new Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost drop. So I am hoping that all the drops will be cycled though. Because we all know that everyone who can equip one will want a Frostscythe of Lord Ahune.

In normal mode you don't have to reset the instance to summon Ahune. Which is convenient so you don't have to reclear adds or have the five instances an hour rule to worry about. Once the chest with the loot is empty, it will despawn and the summoning shard reappears.

For Heroic, we had a Pally tank, Shaman healer, Rogue, Mage, and Warlock. You can only do Slave Pens on Heroic once. When you kill Ahune you get a badge of justice and are saved to the instance. The adds and the frost spikes on the ground come faster. I am sure the mobs and boss have more heath also. Having two AoE was an asset.

I found this was a very mana intensive fight. Healers had to watch mana usage. Our mage said he used three pots a fight. I was looking at an OOM imp. So I potted too.

Loot is NOT disenchantable. This is exactly the same as the Headless Horseman. This time though there is no fun repeatable use items like the brooms. I do have the say the Huge Snowballs ... live up to their name.

Absolutely harder then the Headless Horseman. But then again ... I helped kill the Headless Horseman sixty gazillion times. So my memory maybe fuzzy on how hard the fight was. Ask me again in a few days.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Iuncusia … doesn’t heal

Note: Iuncusia is one of 3 characters I am working on leveling. This may eventually narrow down to one. We shall see. I made up the name because I was told to stop picking them off the periodic table.

Hello. What a fine day this is on Azeroth!

I am Iuncusia. (un-see-aa)

My initial seasons went quite fast. I was in a guild called Farstriders Elite. I was not sure yet if I would make it to my 70th season or take a tour of duty on behalf of the Alliance. I needed to make this decision soon.

As I dinged season 5, a duel flag was tossed in my direction. I felt I must take on the season 6 rogue’s on behalf of my guild. It was a long fight. I stayed out of the range of his gouge. Without the aid of my entangling roots (a season 6 skill), I was able to kite the rogue around the inn and moonfire him to his defeat!

At that moment, though the win was sweet, I did not want to limit my abilities as a druid by not reaching my maximum season. So after consulting Aurum, off I went to Hydra’s guild War Machine.

It has been a boon. There are many knowledgeable druids in the guild. They also do not cringe at my glee for a new spell or form.

I was hanging out so much in my native elf lands I realized I was blending in too much. I wanted to be off on adventures!

Killing was … slow … er. I mean Hydra had that blue demon. I just have my own skin.

With great joy I was joined by a shaman. He told me he would not let me die. I would go bear then… kill kill kill kill kill kill. Until he laughed and tell me “Hold up Iuncusia! I need mana.” Then I would sit… and sit… and twitch to be off killing again.

This was a beautiful thing. We defeated monsters many levels above us. My plan kept us constantly moving to our next season. Unfortunately this had to end.

I was once again alone.

Figuring out how to kill on my own, watching my own heath bar. After some fumbles with some monsters, I was able to relearn how to kill without my shaman.

Then I saw something in my book of spells, they ware called rejuvenation, healing touch, and regrowth. I approached the elder druids to inquire how such things kill. They said it was called healing.

“How do these spells help me kill?” I repeated to them in much confusion.

Suddenly before me, out of stealth a sleek cat appeared. This well seasoned druid stared at me intently. He told me how there are many paths for a druid. A healer is one option for those with that calling. He laughed at my confused look and stopped the question that was going to pass my lips.

“Do not fret about this choice so soon. You have many seasons yet to go. For now, use these spells to heal yourself.” He stared into my blank face. I did not quite understand how this helped me kill.

As he transformed into a great bear “These spells will get you to the next kill quicker.”

In delight I was off to find my next prey.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Twisted Nether Blogcast Commercial Contest

Find the details here.

Submission date is Monday, June 23.

Get working people!

If you have not been listening to the podcast start now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Snacky's Journal - Episode 1

I love the episode 4 teaser. You can find the series here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Six Left Standing

This was our first time in Mount Hyjal. It was our TBA (yes, we were all surprised) raid of the week. Rage Winterchill was our target. First attempt we got him to 44%. The second he was DEAD.

We have great healers. I didn't die on either attempt. I was one of 6 to survive to the end. Biggest thing we learned was we need to improve is the overall stamina of the raid.

The Hammer of Judgement dropped from a random mob. Winterchill dropped .... I forget ... it was hunter loot. Seriously! A hunter got the drop.

Have I mentioned that seeding is my very favorite thing in all of Azeroth!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Zone Map = Shift+m

If you hold shift+m a zone map will appear. This feature was originally only for PvP battlegrounds, but eventually incorporated into all zones. Unchecking "Lock Zone Map" will allow you to move the map to any place you wish on your screen.
In Warsong Gulch, I am constantly telling players to stay in groups. I found it more effective to tell them to look at the zone map and how to bring it up on the screen.
If you can play connect-the-dots then you are not in a group. It is a great graphical reminder of where teammates are on the field.

With 2.4, flag carriers show on the map after 45 seconds. This helps when you may not have a hunter to track the carrier quickly or one that communicates that information to the team effectively. Working with this map can eliminate some of the guess work, tracking the enemy flag carrier for you.

For Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm, this map is imperative. You can watch as people are kited from a node to have it ninjaed. Check to see if the team is fighting in the roads or at the nodes. My absolute favorite is watch as no one stays behind to defend.
I have only found the zone map to be mildly useful in Alterac Valley. I am still trying to make sense of what my team is trying to do in there.

I normally keep this map up at all times going through Azeroth and Outlands. Mostly to help me navigate in the correct direction. Check it out. And let me know how you find it helpful.

Side note... Hydra won her first ever WSG! I think I have 19 marks of honor total now. I concentrated in fearing the healers and killing them. I timed my HoT for keeping my FC safe. I must have done something right because a Horde showed their appreciation.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Decisions decisions…

The other week was a planned week off from raiding. I put that time to good use. It gave me a chance to reassess my gear. I never spent any Badge of Justices (BoJ) I have earned. I had about a stack and a half.

The Scryer’s Blade of Focus with my Karaborian Talisman I had in the bank was a definitive upgrade to my Gladiator's War Staff. 150 BoJ was wiped out there.

The Fused Nethergon Band replaced my Violet Signet of the Archmage. This gave me a ring to help me balance my hit cap of 202. That used up 60 BoJ.

Next, I picked up the Icon of the Silver Crescent replacing my Oculus of the Hidden Eye. Another 41 badges spent.

I think when I was all done I had 2 BoJ left.

The next two pieces of BoJ I am looking to pick up are ...

The Runed Spell-cuffs to replace my Bands of Nefarious Deeds. Which is 35 BoJ.

And the Fetish of the Primal Gods to replace my Karaborian Talisman. Which is also 35 BoJ.

I am about to pick up one of these item.

My intention was going to ask you to help me choose. As I type this I think it will be the Runed Spell-cuffs first. The Karaborian Talisman is from our guilds first Mag’s kill. So for pure sentimental reasons it will be the last to be traded out for badge loot.

Thanks for the help. *grin*

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Banking Alert

With season 4 announced to start June 24, 2008, get prepped to make your gold now. Even if you are not a crafter all the mats needed for new enchants and items will be needed. So get farming and stockpiling now to be ready to take advantage of the inflated prices.

Horns, the Wallstreet Journalist of WoW, over at Yet Another Warlock Nerf put together a great article and list.

Bansidhe Delivers

Bansidhe at Musings from an Angry Bansidhe does beautiful work. She does custom signature for your World of Warcraft characters. Then she posted a Calling all Gnomes!


In case you all didn’t notice.

She did it, my very own special graphics.

Here is the new blog banner. Iridium is killing with her Outrider’s Bow. Aurum is going from banking to killing with her Shadowfang and Assassin’s Blade in hand. Hydra is about to shadow bolt your guts out. *glee*

Hydra has her own signature. I absolutely love her shadow!

Here is Hydra all by her evilness.

Thank you so much.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Tidbits

I changed my blog’s official title to “Almost Evil”. The best names are the ones given by others.

Congrats to my little sister for getting her BA in Business. Even bigger congrats for getting that job you were working toward!

Go dad for wining an opportunity to go on Antique Roadshow. Sorry, that you knew too much to get to go on air. Your items are beautiful.

I cannot raid Thursday. I am going to the beach. Poor me. *grin*

I cannot stand in Shatt and chat. I have to kill and chat. This is why so many trees die.

Rice continues to be really expensive. It has doubled in our area since the start of the year. Our Costco only allows you to buy one bag at a time.

I finally have a cape that I don’t mind showing, Shadowcaster's Drape. It swings back and forth when I run.

I still send new hunters to BRK. I point them to the videos, which are the easiest to find. But if they are chatty I also send them to Pike.

I am leveling a warlock on another server. She is level 26 after 10 months. She is one of three candidates for my “level another toon to 70” quest. As incentive, I am starting to collect the mats for her mount.

You can complete the Shrimpin' Ain't Easy daily fishing quest while preparation for Lurker.

Hurtful strikes from the Shadowmoon Valley Dragonmaw elites HURT!

The netherdust bushes for the daily Quest: Netherdust Pollen, gives you nether residue for the daily Quest: Gaining the Advantage.

I got a new washing machine. First two weeks I was so excited I washed everything in the house! ... Then I got over it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bubble Butt Down

Morogrim Tidewalker down!

New and … Improved … Maybe

Nibuca called me out a while back about my blog comment situation . Since I was blogging really just for myself, I didn’t think about all two of you reading.

My number one requirement… MUST BE FREE … and minimal of fuss.

I tried first. I liked it. The tag bubbles, the clean user interface, and the web stats. But I was having trouble with adding the features that I wanted. Things I felt were simple and general was going against wordpress’ free features. After getting a generic message from customer service, with no time line when they would be added, I decided to try blogger.

Off to I get categories instead of the tags that I am use too. *shrug* I never made sense anyway. The dashboard has too much information. But once you start to manage your blog the user interface becomes clean and easy to use. I added sitemeter to get some of the web stats for the fun. With a little searching I was able to add every feature I was looking for and take it out for a spin.

Here we are.

Cause I don’t know if they work. Comments anyone?

New to an old daily

Some guildies and I finally finished off my Ogri’la quests to open the dailies. There are just some group quests that a warlock cannot do on her own. *blush*

So they get removed from my quest log. *grin*

This has to be my favorite part of the new dailies to me.

Yes, I am exalted with the Skyguard and just now friendly with the Ogri’la.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

/ignore LA

Something is telling me I should be going into LA today.

In-game friend reminded me that this was going on. I haven't been in a long while. I have attended the San Francisco and San Diego one also. They are always a hoot. Fantastic parties.

Then there is the fact that this other thing is going on. I was reminded about it off the radio. It has been a while since I attended that one. Well it is fascinating to say the least.

But I must be getting old. All I can think about is the long drive, gas prices, sitting in a hot car, and the money I was not really planning on spending. Both events are about 30 minutes from Pink's so that is also being taken in for consideration.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Food of Choice

Husband and I were swapping food stuffs the other night. I handed him the Spicy Hot Talbuk I made from the cooking daily reward. Much love from my rogue for the “I am going to kill everything in my way food.”

Hummm… would that make lock food… “I am going to kill everything I can reach 40 yards away food.” *wicked grin*

I realized I had a food preference.

Blackened Basilisk is where it is at, my #1, fills me with warm fuzzy feelings. Full stack of 20 is always on me.

Poached Bluefish is used in a pinch, if I am running low on basilisk meat.

Crunchy Serpent *shiver* for some reason I just don’t like it. Thinking about it makes my tummy turn.

They all have the same well fed buff of 23 spell damage and 20 spirit. So it is really a preference choice.

I realized I need to pick a stamina food item. I need the stamina for some boss fights and trash, particularly now that we are trying the Void Reaver hug attack (like this).


There is a lot more to choose from.

First, the food items that I disregarded:

Fisherman's Feast - 30 stamina and 20 spirit. I may get a rare Huge Spotted Feltail. It would be hard to keep this item reliably in stock.

Talbuk Steak - 20 stamina and 20 spirit. Hot spicy talbuk should be made instead.

Hot Apple Cider - 20 stamina and 20 spirit. This is holiday items dependent.

Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops 25 stamina. I had to look up what was a Chimaerok. I am not going to Feralas for food items.

We have left to choose from are:

Spicy Crawdad - 30 stamina and 20 spirit.

Blackened Sporefish 20 stamina and 8 mana every 5 sec.

Buzzard Bites - 20 stamina and 20 spirit.

Clam Bar - 20 stamina and 20 spirit.

Feltail Delight - 20 stamina and 20 spirit.

Mok'Nathal Shortribs - 20 stamina and 20 spirit.

I have always thought of spicy crawdad as tank food item. If I am going for straight stamina boost it would be the best. They are easy to get. The fishing holes are conveniently near the 72 elite elementals I farm in Terokkar Forest.

What about the sporefish’s 8 mana every 5 seconds? That would be 96 mana a minute, if a boss fight lasts about 8 minutes, it is not enough mana for two Shadow Bolts. Dark Pact is my mana pool.

Spirit is laughable in everyway for a warlock. Once, I found a level 34 warlock with spirit gear on. I immediately stripped and flogged him. Grabbed stuff out of the AH and crafted some things. Told him if I ever saw him in spirit gear again I would find a suitable monster to eat him… or I might… there are some recipes I have collected and have yet to try.

First choice will be spicy crawdad. If I run out, then blackened sporefish will be my back up.

For the stamina food choice, it looks like lock tank it shall be.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Truth of the Statement

Pulled from the comments on BBBB.

“Use your friends! They are like minions that you don’t have to micromanage.” - Kikidas

Monday, June 2, 2008

WoW Resolution Update

In January, I made resolutions. It is about the middle of the year and I want to assess if I have fallen off.

1. Get Epic Flyer for Hydra in January. Done

2. Iridium to earn her Insignia of the Horde. Done

3. Aurum to earn her Alliance Battle Standard. Done

4. Hydra to get into Kara to get the Wicked Witch's Hat…well by October…maybe. It will NEVER drop. *cry* I am asking to be swapped in Kara raids just for the Opera event. Guild has been nice enough to oblige.

5. Hydra to cull through her hats. Nope, it looks like I maybe opening my own guild bank. Fabulous. I need to find a guild name. This is made more pressing since as we are starting to raid higher level boss fights and I need more resist gear.

6. Level at least one other character to level 70. I do not have one other toon past level 29. Need to pick one or three. =)

7. Blog less and comment more. I am blogging less, but commenting? Not so much. I never feel like I have anything helpful to add except being excited and congratulating people.

8. Get more involved in guild chat for my non-Main toons. I have been doing this. It is hard to work on. Most of my alts are twinks which I am an officer of the guild. My other toons are guildless. The only other active guild I am a member of is AC where I am only level 22. =/

9. Run instances with others. Have NOT been doing 5-man instances at all. Have not even done the Champion of Naruu instances. I need to start doing then again. It was a restart when I was pulled into a normal MrT run to finish the last two bosses. I even saved the day by finding a healer for the last boss when ours had to go. Forgot how much fun they are to complete and struggle through.

10. Continue my evil endeavors in the guise of “farming”. Constantly!! Ongoing quest, I realize it is more of a reminder then a resolution. I have broken out of the “Do your dailies!” that Blizz has done for us. I enjoy farming trees or primals. I do dailies if I am moved to do them only. This gets me out and about and it is amazing how many Horde know me around Azeroth. >.< /hug

I had a good start, but like all of these things it has tapered off.

I still have work to do. I think I am going to concentrate on leveling a character and running 5-mans.