Thursday, October 23, 2014

Who’s that Raider

I have met some great female World of Warcraft players over the years. I have had half the raid female, and then at times only me. But none are better then some of the ones I am raiding with right now. We are 3… healer, tank, and dps.

Our healer is great. She is someone we make single heal (old) normals ... well... because she can.

One of them is our Main Tank (or is that co-Tank?) who actually streams on Twitch! So if you want to see me raid sometime you can find me on her screen. Check her out on She actually has some of our kills on there in her Highlights.

Then there is me. I consider myself an adequate player, mediocre podcaster, and sometimes never blogger.

You should watch our Sleepless' Heroic Protectors kill. I watched the Recount (WoW addon) numbers, Rogue Husband and I are battling it out for top DPS spot, but then the Hunter sneaks in at the last minute. I would say something disparaging about said Hunter, but he is loot master and that would be bad loot Karma.

With the release of Patch 6.0 I have seen some more familiar faces in raid and am excited that everyone can join us once more.

That reminds me… I will need to make a list of must have addons, one being Recount. With all the changes going into WoD, we will have to monitor for a while. Yes, I don’t currently have it installed.

I told you … I’m an adequate player.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Expansion MoP Hat

I’m still into hats. Now with us being able to Transmogrify all our gear… I start with the hat.

When MoP released I spotted the rice paddy hat on a few of the NPCs.


And Pandaria made available so many! While questing I picked up the Angkhal Cowl.

And with the help wowhead I was able to look for and pick up a matching set. It is called the Nayeli Regalia.

So it really doesn’t matter how much gear I get. If it is questing or Heroic raid gear it all looks the same. Though not being able to Transmog the Legendary cloak is annoying. My PvP gear looks the same too!

And now after taking the screenshot I realize my waist wasn’t Transmoged.

Be right back…

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SoO Will Never End

Sleepless-Farstriders is still plugging away at Siege of Orgrimmar. We are 5/14 Heroic and really close to 2 more.

The best thing about our guild is that the core raiders are interested in raiding, not just for now but throughout the entire expansion and every week. Husband and I have been with them since Wrath, Crusaders' Coliseum, and some have been raiding together since Burning Crusade.

That is not to say there are not weeks we don’t raid. There are vacations, Spring breaks, Winter holidays, and don’t get me started on the Summer blowout. But it is a very rare thing for us not to raid something three weeks in a row.

We have cycled through 2-3 spots over the years. People have stopped playing, their work schedule changes, or looking for a different raid experience. I can only think of a handful of times that it was a personality conflict.

Right now we consistently have 12 or more show up for raid. We are all very excited to have 6.0.2 show up so we don’t have to sit anyone. Flex on Normal modes will be excellent for us. There are always willing players looking to sit. Because we know we raid consistently, if you don’t get in this time you will the next one

... And then the worlds align just right and only 6 will log in.

Are you still raiding?