Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy 25th Anniversary

A quarter of a century the two of you have been together. Thank you for being great role models. Love you Mom and Dad.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Farming Zul’Gurub

Three level 80s are farming the three bosses for the book and mounts. Zul’Gurub resets every three days. We make pretty quick work of it.

Zul’Gurub goals:
1. Tome of Polymorph: Turtle
2. Swift Razzashi Raptor
3. Swift Zulian Tiger

The turtle book sells for a lot of gold on my realm. I think the last on I saw up in the auction house was 1600 gold. Beyond that I am sick and tired of My Mages QQ (I know right?) about the dang thing.

Then the possibility of two different bosses having a potential to drop mounts. I saw the orange kitty and fell in love with the possibility. But heck if I am there why not try for the raptor too.

I truly believe as a warlock I can one man these bosses. But since I don’t see a direct gold benefit, except for the off chance the turtle book drops, I choose farm with friends and not to re-talent. Gahz'ranka and Bloodlord Mandokir are relatively easy to two man (Rogue and Warlock). High Priest Thekal was a challenge with two but easy with three.

Turtle Book

This nice BoE item drops off Gahz'ranka. There is less then a 15% chance for the book to drop.

To be able to summon this boss:
1. You have to pick up the quest by getting Nat’s Measuring Tape in ZG
2. Deliver it to Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh.
3. Once at Nat Pagle, don’t forget to buy a Mudskunk Lure or two. They are not soulbound so you can hold a few on a storage toon if you don’t want to track over there to get another for a while.
4. Once back at ZG, fish five of the Zulian Mudskunk. Find Fish ability makes this really easy. The fish is also not soulbound again something you can pre farm if you wish, but take all of a minute and half to fish out.
5. Right clicking on the Lure with the five Mudskunk in your bags summons Gahz’ranka. This also gets you the achievement Deadliest Catch.

I am quite sure as a demonology warlock I could easily farm him myself. Felguard tank him and I kill him. Thinking about it maybe I will try the infernal.

Gahz hits for a bout 2K and has a knock back. The knock back deals damage and you also take fall damage. So fighting in the water is recommended. I suggest under the pretty waterfall.

For efficiency sake it is best to have two people to kill Gahz. Rogue and Warlock worked quite well. Rogue evasion tanked and I dotted. He vanished I kited. Then the boss died.

Our first trip there rewarded us with the Turtle Book. Which we wrapped up and I sent to one of the mages in guild. He has 10 level 80s in guild and is a character himself. I like him, even though not only is his main a mage… he has two… level 80 mages.

Swift Razzashi Raptor

The raptor mount drops off Bloodlord Mandokir. There is less then a 1% chance for his raptor to drop.

This can absolutely be 2-maned. We sometimes kill a few mobs around the base of the temple he patrols. If you have a real concern about the fears kill a few of the packs. You can PvP trinket out of the fears and I am sure the human racial. Honestly this is about time saving farming so unless we randomly aggro a pack we leave them alone.

Kill the Troll first and then kill his mount. Mandokir does whirlwind and AoE fear. If one person dies a ghost approaches and resurrects you. Nothing fancy needed at 80 it is a tank and spank.

Swift Zulian Tiger

The orange tiger mount drops off High Priest Thekal. Again there is less then a 1% chance for the tiger to drop.

Here you need to kill all the little tigers and trolls before the boss. They will come in and help the boss in the fight. The ax throwers have a nasty silence and stun. Focus on killing them first.

The trick to this fight is that the High Priest and friends, Zealot Zath (rogue like abilities) and Zealot Lor'Khan (shaman like abilities), have to die at the same time or they will resurrect each other. And have to be killed all over again.

A warrior, rogue, and lock had no problems killing the three of them at the same time. Twice actually. *cringe*

After the three die Thekal comes back as a weretiger. Kill him and loot.

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Sixth Screenshot

There are a lot of sixth shots out there. I was tagged by the lovely Nib over at Mystic Chicanery. So here it goes.

The first time I ever figured out the screenshot feature in Warcraft was the time I turned level 70. I wanted to keep that moment. So I spent two seconds figuring out how my keyboard worked and where the file was on my computer.

So my sixth ever screenshot was me picking out my new flyer, Ebon Gryphon. I had 6g16s left and 43 soul shards in my bag.About that moment was when I decided that I never wanted to be that low on gold or to not have enough to buy what I wanted.

My sixth screenshot of 2009 was my favorite group running Halls of Stone for the Abuse the Ooze achievement.Oh and I have 39 soul shards in my bag. WTB bag space... still.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Goings On

I found this Small, Medium, and Large demonstration in Husband’s Screenshots.
A hunter and pet symbiosis is always a good thing. Yes, Fraggle Rocks.
Love Fools have the same cooldown as healthstones.
I raided 5 nights in a row. My guild starts at 8 PM server (most of the time promptly) and ends at 11 PM. I have determined that it is too much. … I am going to have figure out how to not sign up when I have an enabler at home.

I cannot decide if I like 10-man or 25-man Naxx more.

In our first 25 man Patchwork, almost all (less 2) the dps in the raid was hitting 3K or more. I hit 3841 dps per recount. I don’t like seeing the quick dips. I think that is where Shadow Embrace is falling off. I know at the end that was a whisper that caught my eye.
Warlock aggro management is an issue on Noth, Loatheb (if you're not spored and the tank gets the debuff), and Malygos. Thanks Llanion (AKA Bob of BA Chat) over at Moonfire! for confirming I am seeing a general trend. He also noted that aggro is an issue on the first few seconds of a Grobbulus fight and Patchwerk for Melee.

When someone says on vent “There is no Primal Air on the auction house.” I went and put them up for twice I thought they were worth. Yea, people bought them.
I started doing 2v2 arena. We won as much as we lost. Partner is a PvP healy pally. I have about 450 resilience.

Arena names are fun. We won our first ever Season 4 Arena together.
I think a 9 minute Arena is long. They won but didn’t live up to their name. phail.My partner still doesn't believe I am as bad as I say I am.

A while back, we were talking about all of Jaina’s high profile boyfriends.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I didn’t meeean to do it

So when new guy named Faulsey gets on BA Chat. He says he is from Scotland. Trizophenie and Maerdred get all excited about more European wow bloggers around.

I have quick thoughts of the Auzzie and European accents of the past on vent. Then state
“... times like this I wish I had voice for BA Chat.”


Matticus makes a channel in his vent.


Siha from Banana Shoulder.
Wyn and Matticus from World of Matticus
Llanion from Moonfire
… well I am sure others hopped on.

Me? I have three other vents. I use each of them to excuse myself from the other so that I can NOT be on vent.

Maybe if Kes got on I would. It would be like the Twisted Nether Blogcast live!

(Yes. This is a post to randomly link to people. So so SO. Whatca going to do about it??!! *grin*)

Friday, February 20, 2009

It is you

… and not just me.

I actually felt really dumb about posting this in the first place. I put my noobness out there, because I learned from it and figured others would too. This conversation made me feel better and it all worth while.
See I’m not the only one. Thank you Bun.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let’s Take a Moment

Huh Wut?The problem with this screen shot?

It was taken on February 4, 2009.

From November 29, 2008 through February 4, 2009 I was not fully trained. That would be 68 days in total.


My habit of running up to the trainer
*look for new ranks*
OkOk Accepting the summon now. HOLDYOURPANTIES.
*puts in talents on the run*

When I would look for new ranks there would be none, because I was at the time untalented for Haunt and Unstable Affliction.

It is really amazing how much your Dee Pee Ess goes up if you actually train all your abilities.

Sometimes you need to remember to not beat yourself or some such nonsense.

Now my new problem is over taking tank threat.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

So while I was screaming at the cars going in circles. (I don’t think Jr meant to cause that accident, but his pre-race interview was worrisome. Jr looked tired and stressed, he didn’t have the confidence I expect from the top drivers. Tony looked good in the new car. Nice to see Clint finish in the top five. Not sure about the Logano kid, he does have a great team around him. Now back to WoW.)

Husband decided to fish and was rewarded for his efforts. He only won because I was not there.
Congratulations! One less person fishing out my tastyfish.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fishing or HP





Fire suits



Crew Chiefs

Lug Nuts



NASCAR season started! No fishing tournament for me today.

I am much happier. I shall be screaming at my TV. So don't mind the noise.

Friday, February 13, 2009

No More Broken Hearts

Other then that I am an achievement. I accept your love. You just cannot expect me to love you all back equally.

It is inevitable while passing out Love Tokens to get REJECTED and heartbroken. I know but you have to play the numbers and pick yourself up and get right back into the love game. How do you get yourself noticed by a friendly passerby?

Anyone see any creative tells to fix broken hearts? I use the totally boring:
/s I have a broken heart.

Mage told me he used something like this:
[Mage] /y She left me for a warlock. A gnome warlock.
Mage receives a Friendship Bracelet.

Pick something fun and creative. It may make someone giggle. I will have to come up with something better.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hit cap is 17%

So I was going over my referral links to my blog. I noticed a warlock guild application linked to my site as a resource for warlock hit cap. I am totally cool with that. (*wave* Hello)

But then I SAW it. A glaring misinformation.

"Hit cap is 18%, blizzard already stated with 3.0 you can now overcome that last 1% to hit that you previously couldn't."


Stated here in the actual blue post on hit.
+3 levels: 83% if the target is a mob, 87% if the target is a player.
So to have 100% hit, as I have stated before, is 17%. I may just have enough readers that if I was completely off my rocker would set me straight.

Dida, I hope you fear them straight. Tell that Flakeadin person to actually read the blue posts before quoting them. Good luck!

Realm First

Sunwell Plateau
The leading raiding guild on my realm didn’t go further then Felmyst pre-Wrath. Well they decided to go back to see the content. With friends in that guild I got invited along. (Good to have healer friends.)

First off… I was nervous. I don’t know why. I shouldn’t have been. I knew these people and have run with them off and on for the last year or so. They invited me in. But this felt different because this was completely new content for all of us. It was not something that I had planned on doing so I have no idea what any of the bosses did, let alone what they LOOKED like.

Watching Kil’jaeden emerge out of the ground for the first time was completely fantastic.Right after Sunwell, I went to Black Temple and helped clear to Reliquary of Souls. We thought it was a good stopping point.

A few days later we headed back and cleared. OK. Truth. I logged in and they had wiped on Illidan a few times before I got there. Well … I missed the post about going back to BT. I was an hour "late". I was just logging in to go do the fishing contest and got ninja invited. We killed him on the first try I was there. I never did get to the contest. *sigh*A few days later I then went and did Molten Core. One of our main tanks leveled a hunter just so he could do the Ancient Petrified Leaf quest. Let’s say that I will be helping to clear the place again the statements out of his mic are not repeatable if I don't want scary google searches finding my blog.

Since we had a good group, we headed over to Blackwing Lair. We tried to get me attuned but we glitched the boss in Upper Blackrock Spire and had to hearth out since the gates didn’t open. So getting attuned for BWL is something I will have to do some other time.

I really thought we were going to wipe on the last boss. We were in the middle of explaining the fight when he was face pulled or started or whatever. All I knew was that half the raid died before Nefarian was to 80%. So it was messy but we got it done on one attempt.It is still fun to go back and run content people have never seen or have not seen in a really long time. Vent is filled with stories and good times. As the only lock in raid I have almost a full set of Nemesis Raiment. FANTASTIC more stuff to put into my bank.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Request: Don’t Buff Me

Really don’t do it.
Just keep your mana to yourself.
No. No. I am okay without your buff right now. Thank you.
Cease with any buffage action.

If I am in raid that is fine. Buff me.
If I am running around Dalaran. Buff me.
If I am running around Storm Peaks. Buff me.
Or in Wintergrasp. Buff me.

But if you are watching me kill a training dummy in any of the major cities, please keep your buffs to yourself. I just might be testing my spell rotation, gear balance, mana efficiency, or just wasting some time.

I like to spend some time on training dummies to get an idea of my dps. This is typically self buffed. No food, flasks, elixirs, or group buffs. I click them all off. Group and raid makeup is too variable for me to reliably test with anything.

If I am not testing demons specifically I don’t even use my fel hunter. Fel Intelligence would change my dps. One spec may have Improved Felhunter and other doesn’t. If that is what I am testing then of course I test with the minion.

I had planned 12 different test. I was testing before and after some talent changes, some gear changes, enchant and gem changes, and practicing keeping dots up. Each test was about five to seven minutes long.

Good stuff was figured out.

There was a dps improvement of 120-145 from the changes I made.

Problem with the data?


Mark of Wild
Blessing of Kings
Divine Spirit
They all increase my spell power because they give me spirit.

When I checked the last three screen shots of DPS and the graphs IT WAS THERE. Glaringly mocking my data. Some “nice” priest threw up a Divine Spirit on me. Over twenty minutes wasted. Testing wasted. Stuff to redo. Numbers reworked. This is a game, not work. Ugg.

Please know that there are actually times NOT to buff. At the training dummy is one of them. I pre-thank you for doing nothing.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twisted Nether Ads Up ...Again

I have an updated Twisted Nether Blogcast Ad rotator. It is back on my side bar (if anyone noticed that it even vanished, which is over there --> )The ads broke not that long ago. Fimlys has now sent me updated code and all looks good.

The below bloggers are listed. Many have helped answer my nub questions about other classes. They have also helped me figure out ways to improve and test what I am doing in groups and raids. Some make me laugh IRL from some of the things they say in Blog Azeroth chat. Above all they are passionate about WoW.

I recommend you taking some time to check them out… even if not all of them cannot be gifted to be a warlock.

Twisted Nether Blogcast
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Mystic Chicanery
Kestrel's Aerie
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Leafshine: Lust for Flower
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Lady Jess
Gun Loving Dwarf Chick
The Druid Team
Banana Shoulders

Monday, February 9, 2009

Let’s Ride

Sometimes it is nice to just hang out in a city.A Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, two times Mekgineer’s Chopper, and a Baron’s Deathcharger … is not a bad showing.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Catering Gone Wild

This just reaffirms that when you cater an event no one knows what it going on. The Convention at the Legerdemain daily cooking quest in Dalaran says to “provide 8 Northern Stew and a Jug of Wine” but they only really want four to complete the quest.Either way I am very glad they reduced it from 12 Northern Stew originally needed. I actually stopped doing this particular daily because the high cost of the mats to complete the quest. Not that I actually bought Chilled Meat, it was the in-stock and farming cost. I preferred to do only the quests that took a couple of chilled meat to complete. My stock lasted longer.

I also went and finished up my cooking. *Yeah for 450!*I maxed out cooking first with some Gigantic Feasts. I fished out the Deep Sea Monsterbelly and Rockfin Grouper out on the ice flows in Borean Tundra. I was annoyed with farming Chunk o' Mammoth. Thinking about it… I should have headed to Storm Peaks and not to Dragonblight. The mammoths are closer together. *shrug* Leaving all the carcasses around with no skinner got on my nerves.

I finished up my cooking with making Small Feasts. I put my fishing to use with Nettlefish in Sholazar Basin and the very yummy Glacial Salmon in Grizzly Hills. I did cheat and buy the Rhino Meat off the auction house. I only did this because it was 30% of the going price on my server. Any gold spent was easily made up in selling any extra fish I caught.
I am a little sad there are not recipes all over Northrend to go collect...I got over it quickly.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Re-enchant get Lootz

First, should I be worried?It was the healers fault this time. Something about the tank not taking enough damage and having a full mana bar. So on went the dress. My tank did put on his gear for the boss fights … but still. It is a lot of time in a dress. I guess that is one way to reduce the durability loss on your gear as a tank.

…yea… that is what I will go with.

In the launch of 3.0.8 the mats for enchants were reduced. I was going to Naxx with the guild last week I re-enchanted my two back pieces, wrist, and weapon.

What should get replaced on my first full clear of Naxx? … My back, wrist, and weapon.

Since we are doing a /roll for 10 man Naxx, before rolling on the The Soulblade I asked if I would be a douchebag if I rolled on it. I had just won the back piece off Sapphiron. They told me I would not be. So I rolled and felt fine about it.


I would not be bugged so much if it was not for the six Abyss Crystals I used to enchant my weapon and now need again.

My current gloves are really nice. But I really would like my warlock set bonus for having four pieces of T7.If I go with past history of getting gear and re-enchant… should I pick up my T7 gloves and enchant? How much longer can I wait now?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For The Alliance!

Thunder BluffUndercity
Silvermoon City
For The Alliance! completed.

In my mail box came the Black War Bear, my first bear mount.
I really like the new summoning stone. Made summoning the stragglers really easy and not as annoying.

Heroics, Naxx, and OS, Oh My!

I have been a bit slow in my updating you on my raiding progress. Honestly it is because I find the people in game as compelling as the game itself.

Well last year I finished all the Heroics. On December 21, 2008 to be exact. I didn’t realize that heroics were going to get nerfed. I thought they were hard and challenging. I thought it was a great thing. Apparently I was not in the majority.

I love this picture. Something about all the other dps being dead and just me and the healer alive makes me giggle.I was doing Heroic dungeons with three guilds at the time. Many offers to move to different pastures offered. All offers politely refused. Fun still had by all.

My gear from Heroics instances actually made me prouder then any gear I have ever achieved. I had the Superior achievement from running Heroics on December 11, 2008. A few pieces of reputation gear but all gear from the “hard” Heroic instances.

From there I stepped into Obsidian Sanctum and Vault of Archavon as PuGs. Well... really not PuGs. They were the same people I was instancing with who happened to be from other guilds. I did both 10 man and 25 man this way. They went well.

Naxxramas I saved for guild. I felt it was too much of a time commitment for me to learn with others. Two weeks ago the guild had its first clear of Naxx. I was not in it. I got a lot of fishing and cooking done which made me happy.

This last week was my turn.It was the first run where I actually did the safety dance! I was alive when we killed Heigan. I did get a singed robe a time or two. But over all I think I stayed out of the eruptions. Typically I got singed when I was heading out of the fourth zone. I would go too far in and didn’t get back to three fast enough.

Currently we are doing Plague, Military, and Arachnid quarters the first night. The second night is Construct quarter and Frostwyrm Lair. Even with half the raid never before finishing Sapphiron and Kal’Thuzad we had more then enough raid time left.

Guild finally jumped into the 25 man this last week too. We went to OS. It went smoothly. I was excited that it was our first DKP run in Wrath.One moment of "OMG WTF" almost did happen. I clicked on my imp's Fire Shield spell. Naltog started charging into Sartharion. I called him back in time... but he about gave me a heart attack. Thus why I normally don't have the boss ever targeted. Opps.

Most everyone had been there before and great loot was had by all. I almost won my T7.5 gloves. It was okay since one of our pally healers won them.I did win the best quote of the night reward. After the 25 man broke up, it was the glass eating team for The Eye of Eternity left. I had an issue with one of my tanks. So I told him very abruptly in a quite moment on vent.

"You are the whiniest tank I have ever run with. "

He is and if he didn't know before he does now.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blackened Urn = Junk

All the questing and runs of Karazhan to complete the quests to be able to summon Nightbane now the Blackened Urn is junk. How many times it was called out on vent “Did anyone bring their Urn?” How many times I had to summon someone back because everyone forgot.

It is vendor trash now.

Opps MT

I enjoy my guild so very much. Sometimes I will just hang out and fish. If guild chat gets quiet or serious for a while be warned. In quality and timing I give it 4 rofls the inclusion of the response gives it an extra 2 lols. Great job.