Thursday, December 11, 2014

Affliction Refugee

I am a very disgruntled Warlock player right now. Let me tell you how much I love Affliction…


The dance of the affliction lock is something that makes me smile to myself in pleasant company and cackle about when they turn their backs. Cast DoT, DoT, DoT, and run.

I always imagine Hydrargyrum being a toe runner while destroying her enemies. It was not about out running forever, but to out run the DoTs to take the health to zero. Running while kiting and casting above and behind, even at times jump shooting front only abilities… You could move just to move.

But something happened in 6.0. Something bad. Haunt didn’t feel right, cast times were added, and spells were removed. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was exactly, but affliction felt GROUNDED. No toe dancing. No moving just because you can.

After 8 years (I don’t count that 2 weeks of experimentation in BC) …

I switched to Destruction.

If I was going to be grounded then I would try a purple mage.

I grumbled. That might be to lite a word… I Bitched! … then I admit it … I pouted.

So during the month before WoD was released I raided on my Kitty Druid…and continued to be disgruntled.

… but I didn’t want to change to Druid for WOD so Destruction it was for Dungeons.

Then Highmaul started two weeks ago.

… I am still Destruction and still disgruntled.

With the new changes made this last week SimulationCraft shows a more equal output between Destruction and Affliction again. But will the dance be there? Will I not feel grounded? What if Hydra is no longer an Affliction refugee?

Now I am scared.