Friday, May 13, 2011

The Sleepless

If you noticed I had a guild change a few months back.

My Wrath 25 guild was suppose to be doing Cataclysm 25s. Then in a strange turn of events (disagreements and laziness) the guild ended up for a moment of 4 count them 1, 2, 3, 4 different 10 mans.

As I have said in the past … I am not really interested in solely doing 10 mans. But I didn't press the point since … well... there was the whole giving birth to a human being. Then taking care of said human being, aka The Spawn.

Husband started raiding with one of the 10 mans. I would jump in if there was a spot and they would drag me along.

This was a good group of officers and members I enjoyed playing with. Because of things happening in the guild the 10 man decided to split from the guild.

I could, maybe or maybe not, have done something to not have a split. It would have at least not been so … sudden for some people. If there is anything I can do it is talk.

When Husbands 10 man left the guild we left with them.


Husband had a talk with the Officers. I had a talk with the Officers. I would feel sorry for them having to do it twice. It was a chance to talk, not a chance to make a decision. I had already made mine, but needed clarification.

Loot Rules
Raid times
Understanding that I still have The Spawn.

Husband and I are now in a guild, that pretty much was the same as before. We were now just in a guild Level 1. (Guild Leveling is PAINFUL for an already 85 group before patch 4.1.)

Then something happened that was funny.

Three weeks or so the old guild officers that were left decided to leave server. LEAVE SERVER. Yea. Bye. Good Luck. Truly I will miss you.

But instead of leaving the old guild to someone, this level 20 plus guild, the GL gave it to his alt. And made another rank for another officer for "Guild Leader". It was really odd.

What happened?

The other raiders left guild to join us.

I am now back in a 25 man raiding guild.

Sleepless, Sleep is overrated.