Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Beautiful

Typical conversation while meeting random people on the street.

[Random Person]: Ohhhh, How old is she?
[Hydra]: She is [insert appropriate age].
[RP]: She is so cute/beautiful.
[Hydra]: Thank you. Is she giving away free smiles?
[RP]: Yes she is! She looks just like you.
[Hydra] @ The Spawn: Wave bye-bye.
[Hydra] @ RP: Thank you. You have a great day.

This is an important interchange of information. Because did you notice something? The Warlock in me hears it EVERY time... Do you?

I was just called cute/beautiful by the RP.

You see it now? I will cut out all the unnecessary information for you.

RP: She is so cute/beautiful.
RP: She looks just like you.

When I was at my most exhausted this thought made me smile.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

They Still Let Me

I have now been podcasting for over a year!

Fimlys still lets me record over on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. I realize I still say "Umm" way more then I intend too. BUT I say it a lot less then before. I hope people actually hear the difference.

Getting guests has been fun. It is a great fit for the time that I have. I can find 10 minutes occasionally to check out a blog. Also, if there is someone that you read, then let me know. I just stumble onto individuals now. I'm always looking!

Do email me. DOoo Eeet.

I have also learned that I don't have to agree with someone to still interview them... Or even know much about them. It is a discovery just as much for us as hosts as the listeners.

I wish the blogger's readers would send in more questions for them. I know it makes people feel good and it is such a small gesture for someone that may give you a momentary entertainment. To help encourage questions, I really try and be sure to put out a LIVE post for every guest the Thursday before the interview. This gives two days to see it and come up with questions.

The Spawn is finally getting a little more predictable. (Which is now in black and white so everything will change. /sigh) I am going to blog a little more, even if it is just about The Spawn. Keep an eye out for more posts (or not.)