Friday, August 1, 2008

First Reader Poll

So this all started about the blizzard authenticator. I didn’t have one. I thought I should see if I could buy one directly form Blizzard. You never know. What is the worse thing that could happen? I get a “No sorry.” Well even my connection didn’t have one of his own, which is total fail on Blizzard to not offer it to their employees.

That wasn’t the end, he felt bad that there was no authenticator available … *shakes head* … you’re not going to believe this…

I now have a Muloc suit.

I tried to convince Husband that he NEEDED a murloc suit on his Rogue. The suit here is being styled by Husband’s twink Diem. But I am at an impasse with that. He told me it was mine.

You may ask “Hydra, what is the problem?”

DO YOU know who I AM? I am a master of shadow and fire. I summon demons to do my bidding. I conduct evil checks to ensure that I will not be kicked out of the Alliance. I manipulate my brethren for my own amusement. I kill slowly and painfully. I will leave creatures in agony to find another victim. I bring pain because it looked at me funny. I kill for the pure giggle factor.

and you want me to put on a Murloc suit.

Aurum the table dancing enchanting kick your butt banking gnome wants the Murloc Suit but already has the Hippogryph Hatchling.

Artume newly geared twink Hunter has shown some intrest. She hasn’t had much play time yet, but the Murloc Suit may separate her from all the other hunters out there. Granted she has Dartol's Rod of Transformation which transforms you into a Furbolg. But she said this would give her options.

The Horde are also vying for the suit. Both Iridum and Moly are being stoic about their chances though. Pointing out that Alliance has access to Dartol’s Rod and they get no love.

… and well Iuncusia just thinks she is the master of all forms and if I didn’t throw her name out there… I don’t want to have to clean up another furball.

So I put it to you my readers to help me. On the right of my blog there is my very first poll.* You tell me what I should do so they all don’t scream at me. If you feel up to it tell me why 'cause so far the only opinion I have on this is "Get over it."

* As suggested, Almost Evil Enterprises reserves the right to ignore anything and everything from this poll. Your votes mean nothing. *muahahahaha*


  1. Has to be Hydra. She's all that ... but that's the thing. Seriously:

    "Who did that to you?"

    "Some chick in a Murloc suit."




  2. Oh grats! I would LOVE to have a murloc suit, that is awesome! I personally think Hydra has to have it as well (not only for the reasons beautifully illustrated by Grimmtooth, but also because, well... I just love the idea of a Warlock Murloc - it even has rhyming possibilities!)

  3. Totally should be a twink. The Master of Shadow and Fire shouldn't be slumming around like some sort of Blizzard fanboi!