Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Incusia was working on reputation with the Wyrmrest Accord. I saw I could do some quests in the Borean Tundra. So off I went.

I saved Keristrasza from a prison. Then together, we baited Saragosa, the consort to Malygos, and killed her.Then this happened…
Malygos yells: Keristrasza! You've bested my consort... and now YOU shall take her place!
Malygos shoots a bolt at Keristrasza, freezing her so that he can capture her.
Keristrasza yells: Never!
Having caught Keristrasza, both dragons despawn.


I couldn’t save her. All I could do is watch as Malygos took Keristrasza. I had released her from a prison to now have Malygos torture and rape her.

I had failed.

When I finished the last task I stood over Keristrasza's corpse in Nexus and cried.

After finishing this quest line I felt sick. I literally was so upset I had to walk away from the game. I went outside and took a walk to wrap my head around everything that happened with Keristrasza.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Mage Port for You!

Onyxia was a lot of fun. We put a quick guild PuG together. After seeing it once we downed her in the next go.What was interesting was the actual journey to Onyxia’s Lair. I had to tell the MAGE he was suppose to have a port to Theramore Isle.

They could learn that in patch 2.3.2. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.What have we learned? Mage fail is funny.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's 9 PM, Know Where Your Mother Is?

I cannot help but share.

My Mom-in-law just called to find out "WHAT DID YOU DO TO GET BANNED??!!"

I am letting Husband handle this phone call.

I have had a great time... feet rubs, shoulder massages, back rubs, and dinner in the same room. This must have been what it was like before WoW existed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hydra’s 72 Hour Ban

Yes my fine readers I got a 72 hour ban.

We knew what we were doing was questionable, so when the email came it was not a surprise to me. Husband took it in stride. We laughed.

Truthful, I think the programmers should just clean up their code. I’m just saying.

Not that what we didn’t deserve the temporary ban. I wish the ban was longer. I very tiny teeny part of me wishes we were perma-banned. I would not make the effort to reroll. More for personal “Let go of MY LIFE Blizzard!!!” kinda thought. But I will be back in game Friday.

I think I would miss all of you more then the actual game at this point.

It has been the BEST! What has made this the best? Husband and I sat and watched TV with me. We caught up on some South Park episodes and checked out the new show with Christian Slater “The Forgotten”. (I liked The Forgotten, so that means it will not last. Also for tattoos don’t you outline a tat and then get the color filled in? If that is the case there was a plot hole.) …oh yea… the best part… he rubbed my feet the whole time.

Also my brain keeps telling me that Hydra was the one who got banned. So Moly, my Horde hunter, would love to have some more time leveling since she just hit 70. I keep telling her it is a universal ban… RP can get hard.

I did go into Onyxia just before logging off to start my ban. We had some great pulls but 2 healers had to go. It was absolutely a blast.Maybe I will eek out some of the dozen or so blog post I have yet to finish. Or can focus my energy on getting more foot rubs. We shall see.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Patch 3.2.2 No Warlock Changes

No warlock changes of note. So …meh.

Find full notes here. Here is my hacked up version.


*The Brood Mother Returns
After years of lurking in her lair battling the many brave adventurers who travelled from afar to challenge her, Onyxia returns stronger than before to commemorate World of Warcraft's five-year anniversary.
Onyxia has been scaled to offer new challenges to level 80 players and is now available for testing in 10- and 25-player modes.
Adjusted for modern raiding, but with the fundamental experience of fighting the Brood Mother still in effect, including the horrors of her Deep Breaths!
Onyxia will now drop level 80 item versions of some classic loot items from the level 60 encounter.
Brood of Onyxia, a very rare 310%-speed mount modeled after Onyxia herself will be available for the luckiest of challengers.

*Armor Penetration Rating: The amount of armor penetration gained per point of this rating has been reduced by 12%. //We knew this was coming. Why 12%, 13% was just too much? Sometimes wonder if actual math is involved.


Players level 11 and higher will now always see a daily Battleground quest, as the quest giver will only offer daily quests for a Battleground in which a player is eligible to participate according to level bracket (i.e. players levels 11-20 will always be offered a Warsong Gulch daily quest, while players levels 11-50 will be offered either an Arathi Basin or a Warsong Gulch daily quest, etc.). //Nice. So running a game could net some gold. Maybe my sporadic twinking will be more frequent.

Class X
[Stuff changed, but not for Warlocks]

Dungeons & Raids

*Shadowfang Keep
Wailing Guardsman: Screams of the Past will no longer have multiple applications on a target. Recast time has been increased. ///They were in there!! Why did they not increase the Shadowfang and Assassin’s Blade drop rates.

Increased the cooldown on Immortal Guardians' Drain Life ability in the Yogg-Saron encounter.


*The blacksmiths of Orgrimmar grew tired of running to the rear of the city to craft items and have installed a new anvil & forge at the General Store in the Valley of Strength. //I wondered how this changes anything really. Might as well just put everything in the middle of the street.

The Mind Amplification Dish no longer changes the appearance of your helmet.

Added a recipe for Runescroll of Fortitude. This item grants a stamina buff equal to the highest rank of Power Word: Fortitude (untalented) to all players in the raid. The effect of this runescroll is exclusive with other stamina scrolls and Power Word: Fortitude.

Added a recipe for Drums of Forgotten Kings. These drums increase all stats by 8% for all players in a raid. The effect of these drums is exclusive with Blessing of Kings. //They don’t stack. Say it in plainly people.
Added a recipe for Drums of the Wild. These drums grant a buff equal to the highest rank of Mark of the Wild (untalented) to all players in a raid. The effect of these drums is exclusive with Mark of the Wild. //They don’t stack.


The Black Heart: This item's animation has been changed and no longer resembles Hand of Protection. //Finally. BTW I Hydra has this…but druid doesn’t.

User Interface

Battleground Queuing

*Players may now only queue for no more than two Battlegrounds at a time. //What an odd change. Must be to reduce people not going into BGs when the one they want pops.
*The dialog box for entering a Battleground match has been changed to reflect the following options: "Enter Battle," "Leave Queue," and "Minimize." //rofl. Someone must have been cleaning up some things out of the suggestion box.
*The time a player has to enter a battle when selected has been reduced to 40 seconds when not already in a Battleground and 20 seconds when in a Battleground. //This is a nice thought. I wonder how that will work in combat. Since I don’t think you can leave at that time.
*Players already in a Battleground can now choose "Enter Battle" for a new Battleground under any circumstance (i.e. while dead, in combat, falling, etc.). //There you go. They are so smart they read my mind from the previous note.
*A new Battleground will not launch until the maximum number of players on each side are in the queue (i.e. 40 players per side for Alterac Valley). //This will be nice. Since I know I get into games where there are 8 vs. 13 right off the start.

Bug Fixes


*Demonic Circle: This ability now correctly removes the snaring component of Frostfire Bolt.

*Fel Armor: This spell was unable to set off trinkets and other effects. That has been corrected.
When using Shadowbolt or Incinerate while having Backlash and Backdraft active, only Backlash will now be properly consumed.

*Coliseum Trinkets: Some spells that should have triggered these trinkets will now trigger them (such as Holy Nova and Fel Armor).

*Lightweave Embroidery: This tailoring item enhancement will no longer trigger from the periodic healing granted by the warlock spell Fel Armor. //Random proc is random.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Server Time

Server time =/= Instance Time

My server, Farstriders, is on central time and our instance servers are on pacific time. Normally this is not a big deal.

Brewfest just started on the server.

The Brewfest instance boss has not.

This will also be an issue for the Headless Horseman for Hallow's End.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It WAS a computer

So what happens when you find out that pictures vanished AFTER the old computer was pulled apart. Almost a year later …Well next step is to make sure they are actually burned onto a CD. *grin*

Plus I need to figure out what to do with all these computer parts laying around.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Respecting Destro

Messing with a replenishment spec again: 0/13/58.

Hydra stats:
Spell damage: 2160 (Fel Armor 2607)
Hit rating: 414 (15.78%)
Crit chance: 20.12%
Haste rating: 375

As you can see my hit rating is a lot higher then I normally carry. I have been trying to actually reduce my hit gear. Unfortunately that has not been as easy as I hoped.

Looking at a non-Suppression Affliction builds, I was just not happy. To move down the Affliction tree you have to put those three talent points into the first three tiers. There are no talents that are a solid choice other then Suppression. I tried a few... and naa daa.

With considerable bitching and moaning (and not the good kind) I decided to just go Destruction.

I tried a Destruction spec without replenishment. I was not happy with it. Most likely the culprit was no training dummy time and the fact that I did it 15 minutes prior to raid after contemplating about it for 90 minutes.

Replenishment. *sigh*

Off to a training dummy.

First test with no buffs. Naltog and I in a 3 min test had pre recount 3243.0 dps.

Second test with self buffs, Fel Armor (Spell damage 2607) and Firestone. Naltog and I in a 3 min test 3437.9 dps.

Third test with self buffs and Curse of Elements. Naltog and I in a 3 minute test had 3834.3 dps.

In subsequent tests at times I was over 4K on the dummy.

The numbers are not important at all. Just self noteworthy. All the test were done with different scenarios. There were different buffs, different stats, different times, different conditions, etc. I think the second I was reading guild chat at the time.

Shoot I haven't even started plying with my glyphs yet.

This reminded me of something though. All the numbers don't help you one bit if you don't GET OUT OF THE FREEKING FIRE!!@!!!@!
Also you get 1068 honor for the three kills in Vault. On Emalon I had a /roll of 99 and now sporting Furious Gladiator's Felweave Handguards. This is my first PvP item to have a higher rank then my PvE gear.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Srz Q Need Srz Anz

[09:36] Hydra: ... I cannot seem to motivate myself to blog...
[09:37] Bre: what about this. With all the changing coming to locks in Cat, do you expect a surge of new blood to the lock class? And those who left to roll DK's, do you see them returning?
[09:38] Hydra: the bads will return. Ta da *grin*

Friday, September 4, 2009

Vault is Pugtastic Again

Koralon the Flame Watcher is a simple fight. Here is a tip:

STAY OUT OF THE FREEKING FIRE. In 10 man we used 2 tanks in front and 3 healers. Had 2 ranged dps and 3 melee. I think we only PuGed 2 spots.

We did one pull to see the fight. Which we realized we needed two tanks and the third healer, fixed that and downed him soon after.

Now a day later for Heroic Koralon.

First you should know I am a patient person (stop laughing). I truly feel I am IF I am told what to expect. I have trust in my RLs to figure out what is going on. So I try and keep to myself.

But PuGs do something to me.

Incident One.
[PugLock] There are a lot of warlocks in this raid.
[Me] Mr. RL. PugLock just volunteered to leave the raid.

Sure enough within three minutes said PugLock was out of the raid. PugLock started “claiming” gear and justifying it to the raid. He even started justifying it in general chat after being kicked. What a nub.

Incident Two.
After five minutes people started leaving raid because we were not full. What??!! This is the first week of a Tier 9 boss. Not any Pug group is going to down a T9 boss. Check the tank, healers, and dps before making a decision. Five minutes is not it.

Incident Three.
MY LOCKS, were at the top of the damage. Ok. So they are not really mine. But we have a good rapport to help each other and improve. All three of us were in the top five on each pull.

That pisses me off.

I don’t consider myself a great dpser. I am good but not great. If there is not a person or three over taking my damage… there is something wrong. That is my raid standard for 25s.

We had seven people doing below 2500 dps. I am not even taking in total damage here. This was stated that we were going for the Tier 9 boss raid. … and they showed up with less then 2500 dps. Like significantly lower then 2500 dps. This included a mage, two Death Knights, and ret pally or two.

About this point my fellow Locks were telling me I as mean. Or did they say I was scary? Hmm. Either way I was really working hard at keeping my mouth shut and only typing things. … in lock chat.

Next time one of my RL is hosting the show. I am going to volunteer my services in being the bad guy. I will use recount and whispers to cull out the dps. When you have a finite amount of time to do a raid, you need to make definitive decisions. I think after the third pull and an evaluation of each attempt would be fair for a Pug.

nuff said.

Incident Four.
Just die already!

It is a wipe. There are no more tanks. The healers are down. 20/25 if the raid is dead. The walk back is 10 FEET.

I think at this point I lost it. … or more accurately I let it loose.

“Nice”-funny-joking Hydra turned into pissed-off-lock-from-the-bowel-of-cavernous-lava Hydra. Which went something like this:

“Why can I NOT ZONE IN? WHY can the other TWENTY PEOPLE around me not zone in? GET OUT NOW!! You are wasting OUR TIME while you putz around in there.”

I don’t think I cussed in vent…

We had one more pull after that. We still didn’t have him down. We also had raid starting in twenty minutes.

I really love Pugs. I really really do. It is the time that makes me realize how lucky I am to have people I enjoy raiding with.

Spread the word.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Evil Check: Melee Falls

Kologarn is only funny when melee falls off the edge.At said time you are aloud to laugh so hard you cry. To soften the blow you are just not to open vent while you do it.

You are required to let any locks NOT on the run know about which said melee fell off the ledge. This will let them make comments next raid like "Mr. Melee watch out for the ledge." To you know... be helpful.