Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This Arena Thing

We are playing 5v5 arena for the points. Since we play with a full team, almost never is more than 3 games with the same 5 characters. We are learning. Having fun doing it. We went 6-4 this week which put up above 1400 and was a bonus.

In one Blade's Edge Arena... the other team made it 5v4 really quick. We had beat them once and in that game our best geared mage was highest dps. They smooshed him instantly the second go around. He might have survived a tiny bit longer... if he like... you know ... used ICE BLOCK!

We thought it was over. BUT we did it! Wait let me rephrase with more detail. I kited them around pillars and ramps. They killed my minion, eventually twice. But it was too late. They died. It was not a solo as my team mate called it. But I kept focus on me, which allowed my teammates to dee pee ess at will. But having all 5 kills? That was fun. I think I am getting used to this SL/SL build.


  1. Nice work! The best part about it, is not the 11 rating points you gained, but know that after the other team exited the Arena map, there was probably a discussion on "how did that Lock 1v5 us?"

  2. Glad to see the build is growing on you. It's a great feeling knowing that you drained and siphoned enough life to barely require any outside heals and have your dots basically dismantle the entire other team.

    Well played!

    I'm filling the same roll on my new 5v5 (we're running a ret pally, sl/sl lock, shs rogue, resto shammy, and disc priest) and it's great fun to be the kiter/dotter/cc. Hope your success continues:)