Friday, September 26, 2008

Wrath Prep Beyond 375 Tailoring

I know the mad dash to get skill ups in the expansion will make the cost of the new materials high. So I was looking at what items I can make now for leveling my tailoring beyond 375. These items will take Outland materials only so I can farm for them and stock up.

The orange items I can make are:
[Tailoring: Runic Spellthread]
[Tailoring: Mycah's Botanical Bag]
[Tailoring: Ebon Shadowbag]
[Tailoring: Soulguard Bracers]
[Tailoring: Soulguard Girdle]
[Tailoring: Battlecast Pants]
[Tailoring: Frozen Shadoweave Robe]

The yellow items:
[Tailoring: Frozen Shadoweave Boots]
[Tailoring: Manaweave Cloak]
[Tailoring: Unyielding Girdle]
[Tailoring: Vengeance Wrap]

These patterns take a lot of primals and specialty cloth. The specialty cloth has a four day cooldown. If I want to use Outland material to skill up I am going to have to start accumulating the cloth I need now.

*scans list and checks banks*

My pattern of choice for leveling is Mycah's Botanical Bag. With inscriptionist needing herbs, everyone can use bigger herb bags. In addition my current access to Primal Life (picking herbs) and Primal Water (from fishing) makes creating Primal Mooncloth easy.

I also know a lot of Mooncloth tailors letting their cooldowns pass. I know I only use my Shadowcloth cooldown for others. I think I have only used it once in the last two months. For this project I am changing my tailoring specialization to Mooncloth.

I don’t expect to get my gold back from making these bags. Making these bags may get me from 275-285. I may even have more skill ups then that. Beyond the gold saved, it will allow me to gather the new cloth and utilize it to better advantage.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Successful Raid Coercion

My guild was supportive:

My guildies were supportive:

We got it accomplished Saturday:
I got my title:

Champion of the Naaru:

You see my Firefly. I have wanted one of those since I found out about it and even tried to farm one for myself. He was an in game birthday gift from Husband. It was wrapped and sent to me by mail. (I will give thanks to the other guys on vent for telling Husband to get it. And one taking the initiative of buying it from auction house and CODing it to him to give to me. *giggle*) I love my new pet!

It was a very good birthday and took a lot of good people to make it happen.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vent Quote of the Night.

Warrior to another Warrior in AV:
That level 69 Mage is going to kill you so much he is going to level.

Honor Earned then Taken Away

There is a blue post and confirmed rumors about resetting honor in the expansion. At first I was really angry. Then I reread the blue post.
In order to make the transition from The Burning Crusade to Wrath of the Lich King flow as smoothly as possible, all accrued honor points will be reset at the launch of the expansion. … For those with unspent honor points prior to the release of the expansion, we will be offering a few upgrades and special rewards in next content patch solely for purchase via the honor system.
In my initial reading I thought it will reset honor kills. There are some people on a level 19 that have over 30,000 HK. To achieve this it takes a lot of time and knowledge. I was ready to be angry but then realized I was wrong. They are just resetting the honor points. *whew*

I earned my Battle Standard earlier this year. If you are trying to earn your Alliance and Horde Battle Standard on your twinks you will need to finish that up. Looking at your honor points you may even consider holding off and waiting until after the release to get your 15,300 Honor.

They are releasing some new items to spend your honor points on. I will be watching to see if there is something fun for twinks. I have 6,729 honor right now with 15,894 honor kills. Maybe I should get out there and make another goal to hit 16,000 by Wrath. Looks like there is some more Horde killing in my near future.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Kodo for a Gnome

I am now riding the Great Brewfest Kodo. Thanks to a lucky drop and roll on as part of Brewfest 2008.

With a Hawkstrider and now a Kodo... you would think I wanted to horde Horde mounts or something. Maybe I will blend in on the field of battle and they will ignore the red name over my head.

... well a Gnome can try.

Friday, September 19, 2008

But... but... I'm Affliction

In patch 2.4.2 they changed Curse of Shadow and Curse of Elements into one spell. This made two affliction warlocks redundant to bring in a raid. Not a bad thing but it did change the need.

I had been going from a pvp spec to a pve raid spec. I had decided that if the other affliction lock was not there I would go affliction the other times shadow mage. I was paying to redo my talents before each raid anyway. So this made sense.

Welcome to the BIG crits. I was having critical hits in the 5K-8k range. And don’t get me started when bosses were vulnerable. /drool

I manage two dots, my curse and Improved Immolate. Yes. My shadow bolt is on my 1 key. I have not broken it … yet.

My current shadow mage spec is 0/21/40. The first night I went from one of the lowest in the dps numbers to being second. I am consistently in the top five if not on the top two.

I didn’t realize that officers were discussing the overall dps of the raid for a while now. With my huge jump in dps we were chatting about the difference of a utility spec and ZOMG big numbers one. So I was really pushing for me to still go back to affliction at times. After the lengthy discussion I was told “If the others cannot hit their dps without you as Malediction they need to reroll.”

Move over Mages, Hunters, or Rogues … Hydra just rolled into this dps town.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Evil Check: Birthday Run of Mag’s

It is my birthday today. Yea me. I got to another year.

Here is the question though. Is it evil to use the fact that it is my birthday week to coerce, beg, guilt, and blackmail twenty-four others to go with me on Saturday on a Magtheridon's Lair and a (I don’t really care about but it is something else to do) Gruul’s Lair run?

It is my birthday. And I have been sitting on this final quest for the last two plus months to get my Champion of Naaru title. During this time I have dragged warriors through Heroic Shadow Labs without a mage. (Which the warrior said I made the seduce, fear, and banish at the same time look easy.) I have pointed out what the daily heroic was so people could get extra badges and their trials quests done at the same time. I have about seven that now need this final run through Magtheridon’s Lair. So it is not ONLY for me.

Well at least I am straight forward about my intent. “It’s my birthday week. Sign up for the Mag/Gruul run on Saturday so I can get my title. NOW.”

Saturday the 20th is an open raid for alts and friends. Right now I have 12 sign ups. So for the few of you that are on the Farstriders server whisper me so I can put your name on the list. It’s my birthday you know.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blizzard Authenticator In Stock

Check the Blizzard store for the Authenticator. Was able to buy my two. Good luck!

Supremus Down

Completely unexpected!! We have attempted him a few times after killing Naj’entus, but this was our first time going straight to Supremus. We expected to have a glass chewing night ahead. After our third attempt he was down. It was a bit messy as most first downings are, but dead.

With our third tank terribly under geared for Black Temple, our two attempts on Shade of Akama went better then expected. We all learned a lot from those runs.

War Machine is now:
3/4 Tempest Keep: Al'ar, Void Reaver, and Solarion
5/6 Serpentshrine Cavern: Hydross, Lurker, Morogrim, Leotheras, and Karathress
2/5 Mount Hyjal: Winterchill and Anetheron
2/9 Black Temple: Naj'entus and now Supremus

Like all guilds that can barely field the 25 class balanced raid we have canceled a few raids in the last two months. We even took a week off form raiding. The fact that we could even come back and run a full Black Temple run is amazing.

We are still trying to see new content. But even now we lost two healers and two dps in the last few days. At the same time we gain raiders but the gear level is not the same. People do not want to raid SSC and TK to gear up others. We are even having trouble getting full Hyjal raids.

If this is all we do prior to the release of Wrath of the Lich King on November 13th it is more than I ever expected.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seven Days to be a Froggy Mom

Get yourself some Dark Iron Ale Mug from Blackrock Depth. Go to Morja at the Darkmoon Fair. Lay down the mug and her froggie will start lapping it up. She will have the quest there for your party.

After seven days in your bags it will be A Jubling's Tiny Home.

A very unique quest line for this froggy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Warlock Married a Priest to a Warlock

I, Iridium, was invited to a wedding. The ceremony took place in Silvermoon City. The reception was outside in Eversong Woods. Over 35 people attended and we had three party crashers (maybe more but I only got to play with 3 of them).

I did have a discussion with the priest bride about my qualms of her union with the warlock groom. But if anyone could protect a priest it would be a warlock. So I was quickly satisfied that she was not making a spontaneous decision.

Using my smuggling connections with the goblins, I was able to provide two Gold Wedding Bands for the bride and groom. It took me a week to find the prefect outfit. I was told that the wedding slut role was filled so it was harder then you think to find a dress.

I also found an escort for the wedding. A girl should not show up alone. But I then hooked up with a bridesmaid for the reception. Best wedding EVER! And it was beautiful.

Officiating the wedding was a warlock very dear to Hydra. She has coached him on many things. From what I have overheard (not that I listen in or anything) what comes after “If I was truly evil I would proceed with devastating them” is not for the faint of heart. The details became too gruesome for me to continue “not” listening. At the wedding he conducted himself regally.

16:32:01 [S] <70:officiator>: Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to join in matrimony, our dear friends: Bride and Groom.
16:32:15 [S] <70:officiator>: Both have expressed their loyalty and devotion to each other and, on this day, wished that it be made, in the eyes of friends, family, and a few non-playable characters, an eternal and everlasting love.
16:32:35 [S] <70:officiator>: Amidst the war that we wage – our experience grows, our reputation becomes infamous, our friends and comrades become numerous, our powers grow...
16:32:51 [S] <70:officiator>: ...two very special individuals have found that which no quest giver could reward, no instance boss could drop, and no vendor could sell.
16:33:07 [S] <70:officiator>: They seek that which is beyond the single, unattainable point in a 999/1000 exalted faction rep. They look to cast upon each other a buff without cooldown, duration, or ability to dispel.
16:33:27 [S] <70:officiator>: For Bride and Groom, the coupling is by far a unique one.
16:33:36 [S] <70:officiator>: She, Bride, a blood elf chained to addiction of magic with beguiling style and sensibility, is but one of the kindest and most gentle of all of us; her severe grace and beauty intrinsic to our race, mayhaps, a farce to anyone not of the Sin'Dorei...
16:33:53 [S] <70:officiator>: ...but truly for her nothing but sincerity. She heralds the light; as a priest the powers of life bend to her will and, for always, in favor of those she blesses with her touch and word. Fortified are those who walk in her presence.
16:34:12 [S] <70:officiator>: He, Groom, one of the Forsaken, a race of noble warriors who are not recognized truly for who they are: the most stalwart of veterans, both in their previous life and as well as their unlife. His helpfulness and protection is what we seek...
16:34:28 Bride winks slyly at Groom.
16:34:38 [S] <70:akilu>: So beautiful. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry
16:34:48 [S] <70:officiator>: ...the dark and shadowy powers of the void spoke to him – the darkness altered by his thought and the demons of our nightmares he makes as his pets. Despite his unholy visage, he has within him the strongest of any love in a heart dark with sin.
16:35:14 [S] <70:officiator>: On this day, neither will ever have to queue Looking For Group. Neither will ever have to do dailies alone.
16:35:29 [S] <70:officiator>: Neither will walk this World or the next (coming soon, pre-order your copy of WoW:WotLK at your local game seller now) without /invite the other first. On this day, Bride and Groom are to become one.
16:35:55 [S] <70:officiator>: I guess they should reroll as Brgrideoom ...or Grbroomide.
16:36:24 [S] <70:officiator>: At this time we ask you all to /kneel for the presentation of the rings and the reading of the vows. Bride and Groom, please face each other and open trade.
16:37:06 [S] <70:bride>: Whatever lies ahead, good or bad, we will face together. Distance may test us for a time, and time may try us. But if we look to each other first, we will always see a friend.
16:37:09 [S] <70:bride>: Groom, look to me for all the days to come; today I take my place as your wife.
16:38:33 [S] <70:groom>: I promise to give you the best of myself.
16:38:33 [S] <70:groom>: I promise to accept you the way you are.
16:38:33 [S] <70:groom>: To ask of you no more than you can give.
16:38:33 [S] <70:groom>: I fell in love with you for the ears, ablilities, and outlook on life that you have and I won't try to reshape you.
16:38:44 [S] <70:groom>: With these rings we unite our hearts in tenderness and devotion.
16:38:44 [S] <70:groom>: From this day forward our lives will be filled with love, compassion, and understanding.
16:38:44 [S] <70:groom>: These things I give you today, and all the days of our wow lives.
16:39:02 [S] <70:officiator>: The promises have been made by ring and by word. ALL STAND.
16:39:25 [S] <70:officiator>: Do you, Bride of the Sin'Dorei, take Groom to be your husband, to have and to group with, in debuff or in full HP, until the server crashes?
16:39:32 [S] <70:bride>: I do.
16:39:44 [S] <70:officiator>: Do you, Groom of the Forsaken, take Bride to be your wife, to have and to group with, in debuff or in full HP, until the server crashes?
16:39:51 [S] <70:groom>: i do
16:40:05 [S] <70:officiator>: By the powers vested in me by a random roll in the character select screen about a year ago, racial passives, and the teachings of Warlock trainers, I now pronounce you husband and wife! Groom, you may now /kiss your bride.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A bird in the hand

Birdie is all mine!Just so you know, if you think I look ... adorable... *shiver*. I have trained him to peck your eyes out if you say that word within my hearing.

You have been warned.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You’re Looking to Raid in WotLK

Talking with my raid leader we were discussing something that I never thought about. What will the pool of raiders look like after WotLK is released?

The expansion hits and you want to raid. This new expansion is adding a tenth class. This tenth class does not heal. All ten classes will have the potential to dps. Yet, the raids will still be comprised of 20% tank, 50% dps, 30% healers.

So that leaves us with more dps and potentially less healers. Some of us don’t heal anyone but ourselves.

For a new player or someone who wants to start raiding, creating a healer class would give them the best chance to raid. The Druid, Paladin, Shaman, or the Priest classes all have viable dps and healing options. Each having some great advantages and are fun to play.

But me healing??

I tried this healing thing in battlegrounds. *shiver*

I told my raid leader my thoughts on me healing in the future…

Healing is non-horrid.