Monday, June 9, 2008

New and … Improved … Maybe

Nibuca called me out a while back about my blog comment situation . Since I was blogging really just for myself, I didn’t think about all two of you reading.

My number one requirement… MUST BE FREE … and minimal of fuss.

I tried first. I liked it. The tag bubbles, the clean user interface, and the web stats. But I was having trouble with adding the features that I wanted. Things I felt were simple and general was going against wordpress’ free features. After getting a generic message from customer service, with no time line when they would be added, I decided to try blogger.

Off to I get categories instead of the tags that I am use too. *shrug* I never made sense anyway. The dashboard has too much information. But once you start to manage your blog the user interface becomes clean and easy to use. I added sitemeter to get some of the web stats for the fun. With a little searching I was able to add every feature I was looking for and take it out for a spin.

Here we are.

Cause I don’t know if they work. Comments anyone?


  1. I'm partial to WordPress, and even moreso to self-hosted. That said: This design is very, very nice: Clean, simple, easy to follow. Just one request: Enable the "Choose an identity" option that allows us self-hosters to put in a name and URL (for comments).


    Ignore K.A. he's like a dark Jedi trying to tempt you to go to wordpress.

    Stay blogger stay lightside!

    It will make up for the baby eating.

  3. oh and nice site and yay for being able to read Kat finally instead of evil vox cutting everything off in my reader.

  4. While I'm spamming you. Which is only because I'm bored and so incredibly happy you are on blogger. I wanted to say everything looks like it works according to me.

  5. Welcome to the dark side.

    We have cookies.

  6. Awww.. Cool. Expect more comments :)


  7. @ Kestrel

    @ Dammerung
    I haven’t eaten a baby in ages. Thanks for the reminder.

    @ Grimmtooth
    It is always dark where I am. Didn’t you realize it just got darker over here. *grin*

    @ Nibuca
    Always welcomed!

    @ everyone else
    I see you lurking now.