Thursday, June 5, 2008

Food of Choice

Husband and I were swapping food stuffs the other night. I handed him the Spicy Hot Talbuk I made from the cooking daily reward. Much love from my rogue for the “I am going to kill everything in my way food.”

Hummm… would that make lock food… “I am going to kill everything I can reach 40 yards away food.” *wicked grin*

I realized I had a food preference.

Blackened Basilisk is where it is at, my #1, fills me with warm fuzzy feelings. Full stack of 20 is always on me.

Poached Bluefish is used in a pinch, if I am running low on basilisk meat.

Crunchy Serpent *shiver* for some reason I just don’t like it. Thinking about it makes my tummy turn.

They all have the same well fed buff of 23 spell damage and 20 spirit. So it is really a preference choice.

I realized I need to pick a stamina food item. I need the stamina for some boss fights and trash, particularly now that we are trying the Void Reaver hug attack (like this).


There is a lot more to choose from.

First, the food items that I disregarded:

Fisherman's Feast - 30 stamina and 20 spirit. I may get a rare Huge Spotted Feltail. It would be hard to keep this item reliably in stock.

Talbuk Steak - 20 stamina and 20 spirit. Hot spicy talbuk should be made instead.

Hot Apple Cider - 20 stamina and 20 spirit. This is holiday items dependent.

Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops 25 stamina. I had to look up what was a Chimaerok. I am not going to Feralas for food items.

We have left to choose from are:

Spicy Crawdad - 30 stamina and 20 spirit.

Blackened Sporefish 20 stamina and 8 mana every 5 sec.

Buzzard Bites - 20 stamina and 20 spirit.

Clam Bar - 20 stamina and 20 spirit.

Feltail Delight - 20 stamina and 20 spirit.

Mok'Nathal Shortribs - 20 stamina and 20 spirit.

I have always thought of spicy crawdad as tank food item. If I am going for straight stamina boost it would be the best. They are easy to get. The fishing holes are conveniently near the 72 elite elementals I farm in Terokkar Forest.

What about the sporefish’s 8 mana every 5 seconds? That would be 96 mana a minute, if a boss fight lasts about 8 minutes, it is not enough mana for two Shadow Bolts. Dark Pact is my mana pool.

Spirit is laughable in everyway for a warlock. Once, I found a level 34 warlock with spirit gear on. I immediately stripped and flogged him. Grabbed stuff out of the AH and crafted some things. Told him if I ever saw him in spirit gear again I would find a suitable monster to eat him… or I might… there are some recipes I have collected and have yet to try.

First choice will be spicy crawdad. If I run out, then blackened sporefish will be my back up.

For the stamina food choice, it looks like lock tank it shall be.

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