Friday, June 13, 2008

Decisions decisions…

The other week was a planned week off from raiding. I put that time to good use. It gave me a chance to reassess my gear. I never spent any Badge of Justices (BoJ) I have earned. I had about a stack and a half.

The Scryer’s Blade of Focus with my Karaborian Talisman I had in the bank was a definitive upgrade to my Gladiator's War Staff. 150 BoJ was wiped out there.

The Fused Nethergon Band replaced my Violet Signet of the Archmage. This gave me a ring to help me balance my hit cap of 202. That used up 60 BoJ.

Next, I picked up the Icon of the Silver Crescent replacing my Oculus of the Hidden Eye. Another 41 badges spent.

I think when I was all done I had 2 BoJ left.

The next two pieces of BoJ I am looking to pick up are ...

The Runed Spell-cuffs to replace my Bands of Nefarious Deeds. Which is 35 BoJ.

And the Fetish of the Primal Gods to replace my Karaborian Talisman. Which is also 35 BoJ.

I am about to pick up one of these item.

My intention was going to ask you to help me choose. As I type this I think it will be the Runed Spell-cuffs first. The Karaborian Talisman is from our guilds first Mag’s kill. So for pure sentimental reasons it will be the last to be traded out for badge loot.

Thanks for the help. *grin*

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