Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two Raiding

So …. Ummm… I am raiding.

I know. Not a shocker. See… I did 25-Naxx twice. In one day.

Toward the end of Burning Crusade I saw a complete lack of interest of running raids. I saw even less for progression raiding. I vowed to never be in a position of wanting to raid but cannot raid for lack of raiders.

My druid is now level 80 as of the May 13th. Since then Iuncusia has a pure kitteh spec. I have run heroics, some multiple times. I have cleared three wings of Naxx and the fourth until Thaddius.

I entered in quest blues, some instance gear, and bind on account shoulders. Left with three epics including my T7.5 shoulders in one run. Starting out with about 1700 dps and then with practice hitting 2400 dps. (BTW… I actually need to know which mobs whirlwind now.)

She is in a different guild than Hydra.

I am a raider.

Getting Hydra to level 80 a month and a half after Wrath came out opened a lot of great PuG situations for me. There are not that may raiding guilds on my small-medium server. So we tried the new raids together. In that time I got to know other out of guild raiders. Then my own guild started to raid. So the PuGs stopped for me.

With Wrath it has been a riot. I am enjoying raiding on Hydra and with my guild immensely. I am doing everything I can think of to make sure I am better then expected. Or at least not be the one who was standing in the blue/purple/red/green flames/zone/swirl of death.

Having a 25 man casual group, though sometimes frustrating, is nice and relaxing for me (but then I am not an officer. *grin*). Having a Hardcore group for 10-man progression has been really nice (again because I am not an officer *grin*).

I am still being called to raid with those that I PuGed with early on.

I moved my drood too one of the three guilds I was running with. I leveled to 80 there. I watch their progression and drama. It reminds me how good Hydra has it… I actually like everyone I raid with.

Iuncusia’s goal is to pave the way for future raiding. She is my toon to PuG with a select few groups. I am sure there will be a time in Wrath that raiding will slow down. I know some are already finding Naxx boring.

I already found out that one of the members is an Alt from the third guild I sometimes run with. He whispered me when he realized that Iuncusia was Hydra’s Alt. We hit it off great, can you tell why?

[W] Hey I didn’t know you were in this guild too. / Evil

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