Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Warlock Chat

When I first joined my guild over a year ago one of my first tasks was to join the guild warlock channel. Our guild uses a healer, tank, mage, and lock channel. For a while there was a guild NOOB channel but that didn’t stick around.

Lock channel is a subset of like minded players in the guild. In BC we had five raiding locks and in Wrath we have four raiding locks. Good locks attract good locks. We have kept it focused… the froth that occurred when a mage joined the chat was palatable.

I am told that the lock channel is the most fun. But I maybe a bit biased.

“You need an entire channel to decide on whom to soul stone?”
We don’t just do that. So I made a list of the things we have recently talked about.
  • We discuss which healer is going to die first. Typically a priest. They get nominated for the soul stone, unless they are under-geared or not healing one of us. We then choose another.
  • We use to decide who was Curse of Shadow and Curse of Elements. When the two curses were combined it wasn’t as important. Now we ensure that someone is using CoE, unless a DK is using their buff.
  • We /roll for replenishment and highest gets to pick what spec they want to run.
  • One of our primary uses is to make fun of Mages. It fills in raid times when tanking, healing, or melee instructions are being given out.
  • It is where we claim “Not It!” for Detect Invisibility. While still casting it.
  • Gear discussions. Like all the leather, mail, and plate items that drop and are JUNK. Not kidding… our first full clear of Naxx -25 resulted in ONE piece of lock loot. We saw every T7.5 drop of DK, Mage, Rogue, Druid. Not one lock piece.
  • How talents work together.
  • How cast rotations is non-existent for Affliction locks.
  • We train new locks out of bad habits. Like saying please and thank you. Unless it is used for nefarious purposes later.
  • Typical place to see Hydra cuss.
  • A place to vent annoyances.
  • Ask honest “How do I” questions and get class specific information.
  • Clarify raiding instructions.
  • Reminders of putting pets on passive.
  • Ask if anyone has Doomguard reagents.
  • Ask for summons back so you can get items to morph the raid leader into things to annoy him.
  • Assigning people to be members of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. /pout I never get to be the black guy. LeVar Burton FTW!!


  1. I like the idea of a warlock channel. never heared of that, never had it but it seems smart, not only to discuss who place the SS on who and so on. When i look back now i'm sad i never had one. You know, the most locks i met weren't really .. erm ... communicativ. They were like: I PLAY LIKE I DO AND DON'T DISCUSS WITH YOU ANYTHING, not even the placement of a SS ... ;-)) + i really really like the rolling idea, yay :-D

  2. @Sibyll
    Thanks. We enjoy it. We throw our alts in there too so the others know how to keep in touch. People will not initially know what to use it for. So it my take some time to develop a personality.

    Another great use we have for it is help with Heroics. Very rarely are you going to be in a 5-man with another lock. So watching another is hard to do. But in using warlock chat you can ask for tips on a particularly hard boss. ..

    Herald Volazj’s Insanity in Ahn’kahet for example. When asked, I reminded another lock to gather everyone up and use Howl of Terror. Made the difference for the win.

  3. I feel kinda dirty now...

    I think i am going to create a Mage channel...

    Sure I will be there all by myself, BUT... the things I will have to say about locks shouldn't be heard my mortal ears anyway...