Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patch 3.1.2 In-Game Equipment Manager

Blizzard broke two battlegroups last night. No further Ulduar raid Monday night. I was happy it went down prior to raid formation. That way we didn't take the time to form up the raid. I really hope that failure in the realms is not a reflection of this patch.

Full patch notes for are here for Patch 3.1.2.
* Equipment Manager: When enabled from the Interface Options menu, this feature will allow players to store sets of equipment, easily swap between saved sets using hotkeys, and pull items directly from backpacks or bank slots (must be at the bank to equip inventory from the bank).
* New art textures have been added for Argent Tournament mounts. Any mounts already purchased from the Argent Tournament vendors will be updated automatically. Argent Tournament mounts with the old textures will still be available for purchase from the Argent Tournament vendors for a small [Champion's Seal] and gold cost (standard faction requirements apply). //More mounts for everyone!

* Vehicle health and damage output in Strand of the Ancients and Lake Wintergrasp now scale with the item level of the operator's gear. Power scaling is now 1% damage and 1% health per average item level.
* All Lake Wintergrasp daily quests have been changed to a weekly format. The honor and [Stone Keeper's Shards] rewarded for completing these quests have been increased to compensate. //Boooooooo.
* The bonus honor for winning the battle in Wintergrasp and controlling/destroying towers has been reduced. //They make something successful that people actually want to play. Their reaction is to nerf it. *shakes head*


* Innervate: This ability has been redesigned to grant 450% of the casting Druid's base mana pool to the target over 20 seconds. //Very nice. Particularly now that Innervate is now a button for me to push.


* Mirror Images: The images summoned by this spell will now target the creature that most hates the Mage, and should no longer cast Fire Blast or Frostbolt on targets that are affected by crowd control debuffs that break immediately on damage unless they are already casting these spells when crowd control is applied. //I always figured the mirror images were only as smart as the original. They are pretty dumb. Sounds like they had to buff the spell. *grin* I jest… a little.


* Conflagrate updated: Consumes an Immolate or Shadowflame effect on the enemy target to instantly deal damage equal to 12 seconds of your Immolate, or 8 seconds of your Shadowflame.
* Fire and Brimstone: No longer increases the damage of your Immolate spell, but now increases the bonus damage your Incinerate deals to targets afflicted by your Immolate by 6/12/18/24/30%.
* Nether Protection reduced to 30% damage reduction, down from 60%.
* Sacrifice (Voidwalker) redesigned: Sacrifices a portion of the Voidwalker's health, giving its master a shield that will absorb X damage for 30 seconds. While the shield holds, spell casting will not be interrupted by damage. 1-minute cooldown. //Interesting change… will have to play with this one.
* Shadow and Flame: Now also includes Shadowburn.


* Increased the health and mana restored from Northrend food and drinks. //Thank goodness. Drinking for others takes forever to get full mana. Life Tap FTW!!
* Most scopes now have a level requirement and will bind the item to which they are applied. //I cannot think of a twink scope that this would effect. But I am sure someone will tell me.
* Ulduar 10-player hard mode weapons have been updated to item level 232.


* Jewel of the Sewers: You can now fish in all parts of the Dalaran sewers for this quest. //I knew there was something fishy. *golf clap*
* [Phantom Ghostfish]: Can now be caught from [Nettlefish] schools in Sholazar Basin. //Mount pool fishing and daily combined.

Bug fixes

* Tricks of the Trade: To prevent exploits, this ability can no longer be cast on non-player targets. //ROLF. It is the exploit line. If they left that bit out it would not be as funny. But don’t you NOW want to know how it was being exploited?


* Demonic Sacrifice: This spell will no longer appear in any Warlock's spellbook.

Dungeons and raids

* Players can no longer become saved to an instance when they aren't in the instance during a boss kill.


* Hodir should now reset in a timely manner if a group fails to kill him.
* 10-player bosses that drop [Runed Orbs] will also sometimes drop the recipes that use those orbs.
* The Spark of Imagination: Characters that release in part of the boss room will no longer be ported to Westfall or The Barrens.

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