Friday, May 15, 2009

Evil Check: Pre-Raid Pvp

It is raid time.

We are gathered for a heroic Obsidian Sanctum under Wyrmrest Temple. Standing between us and the portal to our planned dragon killing is a Blood Elf Paladin.

Standing there… Flagged.

A majority of the raiders run past him into the portal.

Decision time!

I run past. I feel my fingers hover over my spells wanting to. I start to strain under the pressure of NOT killing him.

It is raid time.

I have not tasted yummy Belf Pally in a while. There is also really big bouncer guys with axes to consider. The axe guys may protest my pally killing efforts. As I am thinking about being *shiver* good...

The last few of the raid come toward the portal. I see them hesitate. I hear…

Kill him.

Who am I to argue with the raid leader. *grin*

Shammie, The Mage, and I smoosh the pally into the floor, I think I had time to blink. I am not quite sure.

I watch as they “tea bag” the pally. He must have liked it because it took him a while to release his spirit.

If I killed him on my own that may have been bad. But group bonding? That works.


  1. He had it coming.

    Way back when while running Sunken Temple we encountered some flagged Horde in one of the rooms before the portal. We were there to get our class quests done, so we didn't really care about them until one of our group members accidentally hit one of them while clearing some of the mobs.

    Chaos ensued, they all died, we started the instance. Good times.

  2. I had always wondered what it was like on a PvE mass PvP battles for the stone must be horrible.

  3. I have found where I have the most PvP summoning stone battles are at the Nexus. With Horde and Alliance there for all three instances you have a more variety of players willing to engage.

    Oh yea. The healers for a group getting taken out?? You get bonus credits.