Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy Killin’ and Chillin’

I have 16 pages of written blog lists and post. This latest patch has soaked all my blogging time. I will get back to it. *looks at notes* Well those things that are still readable. Here are some random things going on.

The Argent Tournament.

The faction pets are not soulbound. I found this the other night. Any enterprising Horde or Alliance can sell them the other faction for outrageous prices (think thousands of gold). Like all things sooner the better to reap the benefits.

My druid is just starting the tourney dailies. It would be great to find a Horde on server willing to do the dailies and we can trade the faction pets. (*wave* @Oath.)

I wants it all!!!

With tips from guildies I also figured out a good step by step to beating Champions. Keep 3 shields up. Charge when they go in range. Make a wide circle around them to shield brake. Melee. Repeat each time they try to get in distance.

Duel Spec

I paid my one thousand gold and then promptly forgot I even did it until this weekend.

I did put together a passable PvP spec for the achievement, School of Hard Knocks. Which I totally cheated on btw… Had a pocket pally healer with a PvP title run around with me. He “bopped” people to stop Alliance from turning flags instead of me. He used Crusader Aura in Eye of the Storm to grab flag first then hand it off to me. It was easy peesy. And you laugh at those of us that twink. It is good to have PvP friends for things like this.

Lock Replenishment

After my foray into PvP I have a Replenishment warlock spec. I am using a 3/15/55 spec. This is only the first one I have tried. Use beware. It has Suppression for hit and Improved Soul Leech for the raid replenishment.

I do have to say I am quite pleased. I have lost a little DPS but Naltog has gain a bit. As my other guild lock pointed out …I am trying to keep it one lock and one mage does replenishment. We are thinking that it may not work out that way since the lock drop in damage is not even close to what the mage replenishment spec is like.

Fishing Dailies

I got a CRAB! I didn’t even know they added the crab pet to the fishing daily. It was quite a shock that it showed up in my bag. I like the dailies. Silly rogues trying to kill me in Wintergrasp while fishing. LOVE IT! BRING IT ON!!


Ulduar-25 we are just farming Loot Leviathan. Our 25 raiders are not geared for Ulduar success. Well it is not just gear. It is also some need to raid with us more to understand how we work together. I love being launched on top and kill all the turrets. So much fun!Ulduar-10 we have the council down. And it was a fun fight! There was special stuff for everyone to do. Tanks to move boss. Healers to cleanse and heal. Range dps to stand in runes. Melee to help interrupt casts. Fun raiding is fun.Naxx, OS, and borked EoE-25 is still also happening. There are very few upgrades there for me. The goal is to get everyone enough gear to run Ulduar. People were instructed to go to and if they don’t have a 2200 gear rating to think about what they need and what to do about it. I hope that in another two weeks or so we will be back into Ulduar 25. (BTW. I, Hydra was the best geared in guild as of start of 3.1. *grin* I was told that. I didn’t look it up.)

All this and blogging was not going to happen. /flop

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  1. Did I hear an offer? :P

    I'd be happy to start a cross-faction money making scheme. I only want two more pets though, and I bound one to me the other day. Got the broom for myself, want the fetish and the plainstrider. Once I get those for myself, then I'm all yours. :P Though I can't help but feel kind of selfish, I'll be trading off to you Horde pets and I might bind the Alliance ones while you sell the ones I give you.

    I'm a pet whore. But I'm in.