Monday, May 25, 2009

Legendary Mace = Potential Drama Llama

Basics: A legendary healing mace, Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, made of 30 Fragment of Val'anyr.

I am talking about this healing legendary item on my lock blog because if you haven’t developed an opinion on it … you will. If not now, then when that first fragment drops for your raid.

Nip the loot drama in the butt. Figure out how to distribute the fragments before stepping into Ulduar. Has your guild decided how they are going to be distributed? Mine did before 3.1 hit.

How are you going to deal with the fragments?
How do fragments work with your loot system?
Is there a cost/dkp change?
Is it a straight /roll?
Are you giving priority, first right of refusal to someone?
Who is that someone?
Do they accept?
Do the other healers KNOW?
Does everyone who cares understand why?

These were all the things that entered my mind when I had first heard about the mace prior to 3.1. I was much relieved to hear my guild officers had discussed it and was addressed within our loot system.

My first concern was the who. I had who I would pick. I found out that the chosen person was the same pally healer I had in mind. Then I stopped listening.

In my half listening state, I was told how they were going to charge DKP for the fragments. The full value of the legendary mace would be calculated and divided by the 30 fragments. So each looted fragment would cost 1/30th the cost of the mace.

The chosen pally will get first rights to the fragment. If he is not in raid, it will be a /roll or some such thing. (I stopped paying attention.)

Because of the large amount of dkp, we are talking about the pally had the right to refuse the honor. What I love about my guild … they asked.

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  1. We also had a strategy. We use loot council, so we don't have teh DKP to worry about in this situation.

    We picked our healer who has been with us longest, has excellent attendance and is a good representative of the guild. They get first dibs on the fragments. We've also assigned a secondary person to pick them up if for some reason he's not there.

    The catch is that he's last priority for all other healing weapons that drop in the meantime, he'll only get them if no other raiding healers need them.