Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where Hydra Got Chatty

Twisted Nether Blogcast – Episode 42 is up to be downloaded. You can listen to myself with Runycat, Maerdred, Lassirra, and Anna talk about a lot of 3.1 stuff and how it is going for us. Our hosts Fimlys and Nibuca kept us moving through all the topics we had to cover.

Participating as part of this round table made for a fun night. There was some technical difficulty getting the live chat room set up. This made the night a bit longer but I never regretted the late hour (particularly since I knew those in the east coast we charging through.)

I felt very chatty and covered everything on my list. EXCEPT a quick note on all the 3.1 twink changes which there were so very many. *sigh* Of course I didn’t bring it up because I thought “I don’t have to write that down because how can I forget how drastic those changes were for twinks.” Well I did. I apologize for that oversight.

Have a listen!

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