Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My First Transfer

Molybdenum is now on Mal'Ganis. *fiddles with link on blog side bar to update information.* I was hesitant to transfer but something changed my mind… gold.

A few weeks ago a group of my Farstriders raiders not only left server but faction changed to Horde on Mal’ganis. At the time this happened I was distracted by RL things. So though I was sad they left, the less raiding was good for me. Figured I would worry about it when I got the chance. My chance is now...

They transferred. Friends have transferred before and went unnoticed by me. But these group of people are who I instanced with on a regular basis... multiple times a week regular basis.

My guild is now a few shy of a 25 man. So 25 progression will not be happening for a while.

Then the question of Husband and I transferring came up. Husband thought about it for 2 seconds and said “No”.

It was not the transferring servers that was holding him back but the switch to Horde. I am 99% sure if they did not switch to Horde but to only another sever we would have transferred with them.

Me? Hydra was first a Horde warlock. For those have read me a long time know, Hydra the Undead lock was leveled to around 4. I was told I was on the wrong faction. Under protest of the change, because my girlfriend wanted that long legs of the female Alliance, I rolled Gnome.

I could work with being Horde.

Deciding NOT to transfer our main toons has changed what we do in the game a lot. I was instancing or raiding 4-5 times a week. Now it is down to 1-2.

Husband and I have to decide what we want out of the game. He has chosen the reputation grind for The Insane. I have to make new friends.

Hydra now signs up for Tuesdays raids, which I may or may not get called in. I don’t mind being set out since I need no gear from those raids. I sign up if needed for class balance.

I have a set "PuG" 10 man TOC. If you have read me long enough you know I don’t really PuG. All the people in this group I have run with for a long while. We can clear the place in an hour or so. Most are alts or raiders that missed their main raids earlier in the week.

I need to figure out a raiding outlet for Hydra. If I could get at least one more set night I would be satisfied in that regard.

I have reminded guild that I have a decently geared Bear that is a good purple kitteh too. So maybe I can get a chance to tank something official soon.

I have also leveled Aurum a 29 warlock on Windrunner. *fiddles with side bar again* Aurum is now at the point of receiving runs for gear. A friend transferred a toon to Windrunner so he was a good minion and transferred a few thousand gold and enchants for me.

Renewed attention is being put on Moly.

One of the guys was transferring another toon. Then it hit me … he could be a good minion and transfer gold and goods for me too!!!

So we cut a deal.

Moly would get a realm transfer. On some conditions…
1) He would transfer 12,000 gold from Hydra to Moly. (FYI 20K is the max for level 80 for character transfer.)
2) He would transfer goods I wished to sell for more gold, Arctic Furs, Eternal Fires, and few enchanting mats.
3) He would do run troughs focused on Holiday events to get wait-for-me-at-level-80-epics, like the Headless Horseman Rings.

My part of the deal was I would level in a timely manner. That is no small promise. It has taken me two years to get Moly to level 72.

Some are not so excited about this transfer. I promise to take that into consideration too. (Notice how I was trying to completely change the subject.)That was everything that went into the decision for me to move Moly. But mainly it was the gold. Granted I already had 2,800 gold on Moly. But instant self fundage is better.

Side note… even with all the gold transferred off server the last two weeks, Hydra is still at over 60K gold.

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  1. You're making me want to talk about my own guild stuff. Think I may post tonight or tomorrow about what's going on with LM. Pretty much the same thing with me.

    Speaking of gold, I've been taking some of the tips you've been suggesting here, as well as taken up inscription on the rogue. Moolah city. I'm not as rich as you, but I can smell the fumes on my new motorbike already.