Friday, October 23, 2009

Moly To Northrend! Eventually

Moly hit level 70 in Shadowmoon Valley.I didn’t go out to Northrend to quest at level 68. I was half way though Hellfire, was ganked by a rogue (One shouldn’t go AFK … on a PvP realm … on the road… on the path to Zangermarsh.) and then heard that Patch 3.2 would change flying to be level 60. So I stayed where I could fly.

Once I had flying I swooped through quests in Hellfire, Nagrand, and Shadowmoon Valley.

In the middle of all that I went to Northrend to train my professions. Might as well continue to get a few skill ups as I am mining and skinning through Outland.

This stalled my leveling.

I didn’t know how to get to Northrend.

I recalled something about something and POOF you were in Northrend. There had to be a way to get there without a mage or a warlock. There are warriors, druids, other hunters, and even pallies getting there.

There was nothing to direct me there. No quest or letter in my mail. I ran from city to city for about 30 minutes trying to remember where everyone was coming and going.

There was no way I was going to “/2 How do I get to Northrend?” can you imagine the … vile dripping sticky response. Not something I wanted to participate in. (At least not in that moment. For some things you need to wait till the mood strikes.)

What did I do? For all things I start at

That got me onto the zeppelin outside Orgrimmar … swing a right. I don’t remember seeing THAT there before. *shrug* Only excuse I have is it has been a really long time since I have spent time outside Orgrimmar.

*Hydra whispers into Moly’s ear*

FINE… Brewfest… but who could see farther then your own hand during those days. Weeks. Wait what were we talking about? NORTHREND. K.

The zeppelin outside Org takes you to Warsong Hold.The sheer massiveness of the “outpost” was shocking. All the levels and the solid build of the constructions. This will be a place to make a stand! (I had that Wrath of the Lich King fresh feeling. Has it really been a year already?)

So I picked up my training. I poked around all the corners. I made a nuisance of my self to the guards. They got tired of my insistent questions they stopped talking to me.

Where was the skinning trainer?

Apparently not in Warsong Hold.

I ran my level 68 elf butt out of the hold, through the spiders, across the lands to Taunka'le Village. Many a pet sacrifices (thanks Baby.) All of that to get me there in some resemblance of one piece (54% durability per the screenshot. I am quite sure it was a straight line running into mobs issue). I could now level my skinning.


  1. I am currently leveling my first horde toon and am glad that you shared that story because now I won't feel like a total idiot lol

  2. That there is no enduring in-game context for the move to Northrend was something that Randy Jordan bought up on The Instance when Wrath launched. He ended up spending most of his first week of the expansion doing dailies around Outland, simply because there was nothing in-game telling him that things were afoot up north.

    It seems shameful that there is such a lack of continuity between the expansions; that nothing exists to indicate for the casual player or those who want even a modicum of a role playing experience that the Lich King has taken up in Northrend. Commoners in the cities yelling about the new threat? Quest givers in all the old world cities/Shattrath to join the armies in the North? How about a letter from Thrall?

    An odd missed opportunity on Blizzard's part though one that leads to such frustratingly funny experiences as yours.