Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hallow's End Achievement Issue

There is an apparent candy bucket rationing to those who get Northrend candy buckets first. So leave Nothrend for last until you get an update from this forum post.
We are currently experiencing an issue with the Hallow's End candy buckets that is affecting the Trick or Treat Achievements for this event. Certain candy buckets in Northrend, once looted, are preventing characters from looting some of the Candy Buckets required for the Trick or Treats of Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Outlands. The current way to work around this is to get the candy buckets from Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Outland before doing any in Northrend.

Note, doing the Achievements first will prevent some of the Northrend Candy Buckets from being inter-actable.

We are actively working on a resolution for this and will provide more information when it is available.

Update: At this time please do not submit an in-game ticket on this issue, doing so will not result in a faster resolution as we are still working on the issue and will provide more information when it is available. Thank you.
If the buckets are reset... are you going in for another round?

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  1. I am waiting for the yearly Hallows End "mock a follow blogger" post.
    Ratshag and BRK were priceless, who is it gonna be this year. We will get another post along that line, won´t we *big puppy eyes*