Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guild Chat Gone Wild

Guild chat always makes good blog fodder. I went through a few screenshots and I picked out a few that stood out.

Here is one of our healers logging in on his WEDDING DAY.Then there is the pally’s rez macro.Big congrats to Husband who has 30 exalted reputations! Wait. What was the 30th? Explorers' League. There is one quest out in Howling Fjord that gives you 250 reputation. THAT IS IT. I am not kidding. (Oh, he is not that far off from the Frostborn either.)One of our guildies was MIA. We were happy to get an update. Here is when a “Your Mom” joke can be funny because you were not trying to be funny.Sometimes you ask a question and the answer you get back is not what you expect. I cannot even DO this analogy.

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious :)

    Is that a mod that in one of your latter screenshots was monitoring fish feasts? If so, do you know off hand what it is? Been looking for something with that type of functionality.