Monday, October 5, 2009

Horde Pet Swap

I have been really lazy and have not kept you updated at all.

Did you know about Oath of Dressed to Cuddle came through for me??!!! He is my bestest warlock friend in all of Farstriders (even if he is Horde (and I am totally kissing up because he still has to come through for me again)).

Vent and the neutral auction house in Gadgetzan was used for a clean transfer of Alliance pets for Horde pets. I hear from Oath the pet tree druid has been a big hit.

Oath, I did see you in Wintergrasp but I was distracted by explaining the merits of NOT letting the Horde destroy all three towers. *sigh* I thank you for the quick death. Your pally is uber awesome for that.

I promised pictures. You will see that all pets are now apparently Gnome sized. WE ARE NOT PETS.

I really like the Sen’jin Fetish. First there is the very cool music that starts when you summon him. Then there is fact that each time you summon him there is a different mask!The Mulgore Hatchling is fantastic. He runs around like Egbert.I think the Enchanted Broom is great to sweep up after a raid wipe.I like the look of the Durotar Scorpion. It would have been fun to see him randomly lunge at people, but he does not.The flappy Tirisfal Batling...well flaps.That is it for the Horde pets. I wanted to compare the new bat with my Vampiric Batling. You can see the brown vs. the red color. Not long after we did the pet swap I caught from fishing in the sewers the Giant Sewer Rat. He is almost as big as Demora!Remember to love your pets, just don't LOVE your pets.


  1. Best thing about the broom is putting it on a leash :D I don't know, there's just something awesome about taking your broom for a walk :>

  2. I'm working on 'em, Champ Seals, that is, my darling little gnomeface. I've been busy IRL, but I'm getting 13 a day when I can. You'll next the next batch soon, even if I have to log into my guild members' accounts and steal theirs. Muahahaha. I love having a guild of IRL buddies.

  3. Hmmm no pic of aurums new pet? /cry