Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hallow’s End Euripedes

Welcome. I am Euripedes the troll mage. ...mon.Mages are inferior to warlocks. I have accepted my fate over the years and to help my brother and sister mages I write stuff to figure out how to be as good as warlocks. …mon.Some mages just cannot handle it. …mon.Chill man. That is made up for by Northrend having the city, Dalaran. I can now look down all the peons below. …mon.Beyond all that I am most proud of sharing my green poop. …mon.
... mon.


  1. Poor Rip...
    Poor Mages...
    Bloody Locks ;-)

  2. <3
    You found it! I was wondering if this was lost in the abyss of a Saturday post.

    More blood sounds like good times.