Friday, April 23, 2010

Blue Ribbon

I have been totally behind in keeping you updated. If you noticed there were a lot of silences the last few months. That does not mean I don’t have things to TELL you. I think of things all the time… just don’t get a chance to write it to you. I have no plans on making that better.

Most of those I play with have no issue with gold.Husband has some funny ideas about Warlocks.I always thought kilts were shorter. If you don’t know the reference here is a WoW adaptation. I like to point out with my “less” gear I can out dps the other lock at times because I can get bored in raid and he is funny.It is not so easy to solo a boss that calls adds and likes to ice tomb somebody. But I wanted the black roses!!
This has to be the funniest thing ever in raid chat. The guild is called Night Shift for a reason. I call this bit “Gear Porn”.I love arena ties. Watching that mage crit me was only as sweet as all my dots going off at once.A month later it is still not a dress.Sometimes you need to ask an accuser to clarify. I get away with a lot of things but there is so much to choose from he needs to be specific.
I like this boss view of Hydra’s shadow bolt. So you should like it too, ‘cause I said too.A friend closed account got hacked into a few months ago. Of course they took everything. I forgot his DK was in my horde guild with guild bank access. So here is "everything":
Arcane Crystal x4
Gold Ore x10
Heavy Stone x60
Mithril Ore x60
Silver Ore x16
Star Ruby x2
Truesilver Ore x4

… but left the linen cloth and solid stone. They didn’t think it was worth anything either.

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