Monday, April 12, 2010

RL Guild Meet Up

Our guild leader was heading our way for Disneyland and a visit with the family. A meet-up was planned for all of those in the LA basin.

It is an odd thing to meet people you talk to multiple times a week. I had no idea how many of us lived in the area. A total of 12 showed up to the bar.

It probably would have been advantageous if I viewed the forum thread with people’s pictures in it to SEE what people looked like in person.Husband and I got to the bar and I had to prevent myself from yelling strange things. …
/y Hydra’s in the house.
/y Nox die in the fire yet?!

/y Pull! Wait. Hez is in Dalaran.

/y Night Shift mean anything to anyone that can hear my voice?

My husband was happy that I refrained.

I stood in the middle of the bar, closed my eyes and listened. Weird I know. But it worked. To about 10 o’clock from where I was standing I heard familiar laughter and then a tentative holler of “Hydrar?”

I brought everyone cookies. A good warlock should bring cookies. *grin* I’m not kidding. I made chocolate chip cookies and chocolate-pecan-craisin-oatmeal cookies.

The everything cookies were not suppose to have chocolate in them… but I was listening to an episode of Twisted Nether while baking and… I got carried away. An after thought, if I was really making what I thought lock cookies were, then I should have used green raisins. I like the dried cranberries better so we will survive.

The cookies went into green bags with a tag. The tag said “Cookies! Click and don’t wiggle please.” which is what Hydra emotes when she needs help summoning cookies for the raid. All the cookie bags went into a yellow bag.
Husband rolled his eyes at me in this whole process. I made the straight chocolate chip cookies to appease him. He is not into my everything cookies.

At one point in my planning I had a vision of making a Soulwell box. Where there would be three places people would have to push to activate the pop up top. INSANE. It would not have been that hard to make. A blueprint, a trip or two to Home Depot and some time would have done it. Meh. The bag worked just fine.

Then the night of laughter started.

I’m told I sound in person exactly like I sound in vent. They all are exactly in person like they are on vent.
The smiles all around the table were a treat.

Watching one of my priests talk about healing and how excited he was about making the health bars go up was … warm. You cannot help smiling when someone talks about something they really enjoy doing. He even got more smiley when he talked about his new born. I loved seeing it.

Three out of our four raiding rogues were there. Apparently there was deep discussion of the mutilate spec and rotation. The Pally tank just sat in the middle trying to keep the alcohol pointed in the right direction for the rogues to keep chattering.

One of our priests was beaming when he told us about his bear son getting accepted into a PHD program.
The Hunter and the Tree got to actually meet outside officer chat. The shammie had stories I will not soon forget. A new Moonkin just joined the guild, I thought it was extremely brave of her to meet up with a group of people she has not had a chance to raid with yet.

I did have this moment of déjà vu. It was a moment late that night. We were sitting at the table under the tree with the night sky looking down at us while we talked and laughed. It startled me how familiar that moment seemed.

What a strange thing this MMOPG is we have all found.

I was happy to report back to all the guildies that the guys all had nice asses. (Just because I am married and my husband is sitting next to me does not mean I cannot state the important things. *grin*) I did refrain from going into more detail since the guys seemed to take up the topic from there.Apparently I was being talked about too. Just to you all know Hydra in person is a lot taller then the gnome she plays.


  1. Must have been an awesome night. Lots of fun, from what you say. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hydra! It was so much fun to meet you and everyone else from Night Shift even though I'm still newish.

    Just a thought! I should be the gnome and you the nelf! Would match RL a bit better that way :P