Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beta is Not Here Yet

You may have noticed that I have not posted anything about all the “fabulous” news about the upcoming changes in Cataclysm. Nibbles over at Mystic Chicanery put together her thoughts on the proposed lock changes, PLUS she linked to a bunch of other locks and their views.

Cataclysm is changing both my raiding classes (Lock and Hunter) so much that it is a waste of my time to study it all until an actual beta comes out.

There I said it. Right now… I don’t care.

If I get a chance to run around in the beta I will worry about it then. If I don’t get into the beta I will worry about it when the beta build gets close to launch. Truthfully all the bitching or rejoicing will not matter if I don’t have a realistic way to communicate them to the developers. I have no plans on wasting your time or mine.

What I am doing for Cata is helping friends get there gold together. I am yelling at my Mom-in-law to sell EVERYTHING. Heck, yelling at myself to clear out everything. I am going through my emblems to sell things at their optimal price now. They will be worthless in a few months.

I love our lock community so much. Some of the smartest players I have ever met were locks. For lock related blue posts and news check out The Warlocks Den forum.


  1. Plus, who knows what will change between now and release!

    It's hard to get excited or anxious when the information provided is both deliberately vague and lacking in context.

  2. RIGHT ON. Nice to know this is one blog I don't have to stop reading while the previews are going on. Am trying SO HARD to not comment back to all the people I think are good will come of starting fights!

    I'm quite torn right now on moneymaking. JC is my main venue, and while the volumes are down, things that do sell can go for quite a bit. And it's the "slightly unusual" cuts that tend to catch people... I think I'll stick it out a bit longer, I'm just not ready to have a fire sale yet. : )

    And I can't just blow out my emblems either! What if I suddenly pick up a random alt again and they need full heirloom kit WHAT WOULD I DO.

  3. @ambient
    JC will stay a money maker almost until the end. But check to see if you have any 1-70 mats (ex. ore) laying around move it in the AH.

    As for emblems, be reasonable I had over a thousand of various ones sitting there in my currency tab. I am trying to drop that down and make gold in the process.