Friday, April 30, 2010

Spontaneous Achievement

I wrote this about a year ago, somewhere before you could turn off experience for twinks and just after Wrath was released. . I found it while going though my blog stuff. I don’t think I ever post it for you. … Why? I have no idea. Sadly my friend has transferred but I still have the memory.

I was thinking of my favorite achievement I have ever earned.

I have Horde friends in the Emberstorm battlegroup. On Aurum I always had the habit of checking the teams. I look to see if there are potential premades or a disproportion of one class. This lets me prep my own strategies.

On Hydra not so much…

After 3.0 came out I was doing some level 70 Alterac Valley. I would wait until it was the PvP daily and complete it for the extra honor.

I left the Alliance cave and charged to Tower Point. I just passed Belinda’s building and before me Horde and Alliance decided to engage. I was quickly dragged off my mount.

Amazingly in this little skirmish the Alliance had the upper hand. I would like to say it was because I was there… so I will. I start dotting, then I targeted a Blood Elf Pally (yummy pally flavor).

It is him!

I started chattering on vent how cool it was that my friend was in AV with me. He runs twinks on another server and our mains were having a face off in AV.

As any good friend... I kill him. Selecting his corpse I type /hug because he is my friend and I just killed him.

Make Love, Not Warcraft

I admit that I started excitingly ramble on vent (they didn’t care). I checked the BG roster and sure enough it was him.

A little bit later he returned the favor with a /hug and got the same achievement on me!!

Complete surprise and a lot of fun.

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