Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moly’s World PvP Top 4

Moly was another Horde Hunter, I rolled over two years ago. It took me most of that two years to get to level 80 to raid.

There were BG distractions from 19-49. As for world PvP on a PvP server, it is far and few between.

I was keeping my eyes out for some. You hear all this talk about “care bear” servers. There is the /rawr and the stroking of their epeens about leveling on a PvP server.

I will tell you… it is scarce.

I didn’t have max level characters to call upon for aid. I killed or was killed by some of the Alliance that I came across. But, it would be huge levels between incidents.

A lot of times I couldn’t be bothered. *shrug* But if they bothered me, I would get a chance to practice my jump shot. *grin*

Leveling on a PvP realm did not feel like a feat of strength.

I will give you that I was not new to the game….but whatever. It was not this scary, painful, wondrous thing to do. It was just leveling. No real difference then on my “care bear” RP realm.

Thinking back, to my 80 levels here are some of my most memorable world PvP incidents. The last being my absolute favorite… it reinforces the creative use of game mechanics.

1. Taming Bellygrub

Remember hunters running all over the world getting pet abilities? At level 24, Bellygrub was the only boar with Gore 4. He resides in Redridge Mountains, not the easiest place for a lowbie Horde hunter to get to.

I ghost ran to Westfall. Logged out and back in so I could revive there. I was a lone naked blood elf in the graveyard. I died again … repeatedly.

Apparently there was Horde there messing with Alliance. Alliance called for help and their 70s had shown up. So I was in the middle of a 70s battle and … all I wanted to do was get to Bellygrub … zones away.

I whispered a 70 druid there killing Alliance about my predicament. He dragged them away to let me revive and run on my way.

2. Western Plaguelands

In an effort to make leveling interesting, I tried to focus on areas that I never did on Hydra. I had never quested in this zone.

I was tabbed out of warcraft. I was on wowhead looking for Diseased Wolves for the quest The Wildlife Suffers Too. (Yes, I remember the exact quest… Husband thinks it funny I can remember stuff like this but not names of people I just met.)

I suddenly hear myself getting attacked. I assumed it was wildlife.

It was wildlife alright … in the form of a ret pally.

My pet was faithfully gnawing on his leg. I was at half health. Pally wanted to play while I was afk.

Wing clip. Frost trap. Jump shot. Concussive shot. Kite. Heh. This hunter was trained covering the fields of Warsong.

What we have here is a hunter in quest greens you couldn’t kill with a head start. /lol

3. Hellfire

Off though the Dark Portal I went to Outland. You would think I would learn not to go AFK on the road. A rogue ganking was in order.

I just let it kill me.

If I remember correctly, I went to get a sandwich. I’m sure it was worth it.

4. Dragonblight

I was turning in a quest at Wyrmrest Temple. Hovering in the vendor area, I noticed an 80 Death Knight killing.

Who am I to disrupt his fun! MOR KILLING!

I got close enough to the DK so when he spread his diseases I would get it. Now in combat, I would share the diseases… with the guards. Well … heh… guard collecting was my fun.

Get disease and in combat… grab a few guards for the DK.

All the while I was flying around on my mount.

Hey! If I killed him, it would be only 1% durability loss. This way he got the 10%... kinda like I killed him 10 times over. Bwahahaha.

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