Monday, January 4, 2010

One Liners

Don’t ask me to spec tank. If I do I will be able to make a water slide from the Warrior tears. ~ The DK Tank

Glyph of Mirror Image
Now there are FIVE more mages then necessary. Please make it stop. ~Hydra

The landscape is beautiful. Next time you are taking a long flight path take it all in. Hide your game UI with Alt+Z and scroll in so your camera is first person. Enjoy the fabulous views that is Warcraft.

Grobbulus Instructions
Poop near the wall. Pooping on or next to your friends will make them no longer your friends. ~Hydra

Show your helm once and a while. Particularly when you don’t like it. Granted in Northrend they will think you are into S&M. After a while you will appreciate your ability to turn off your helm that much more.

How I have scared those raiders on vent.
*loud gasp*
Oh my gosh I LOOOooooove your hair.

If we could figure out how to make a boss mechanic require tea bagging our guild would one shot the boss in record time.

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