Friday, January 15, 2010

Peel Those Melee Oranges Away

From other locks and caster friends, I am hearing a consistent complaint about the current state of their DPS. In these first ICC fights, they are absolutely melee friendly. So melee friendly that even Ghostcrawler acknowledged that they are melee friendly.

Like I have always said…
Melee don’t stack Intellect.

A warrior friend told me once, “The tank needs to move the boss out of the fire. The melee is not so smart and will stand in it.”

I figured that Blizzard saw this as truth. This truth is why they made these first fights the way they did.

I have toiled hours and then more hours reading, respeccing, messing with addons, ultimately trying everything to eek out a smidgen more DPS.

It is not just the fights.

All lock specs are getting a buff. Have gotten a buff. Are being buffed.

As a class, we are getting some attention.

Keep in mind Blizzard is making MASSIVE changes to the lock class in Cataclysm. There will come a point that messing with talents, they plan on wiping out, will not be cost or time effective. I actually thought this time was right now. These buffs were a pleasant surprise.

Let us remember that damage done in a fight is way more important then DPS. (I realized I tend to think damage done and type DPS.)

In the meantime, I am changing the way I look at meters.

Separate into 2 types of DPS.
1. The caster group. (boomkin, locks, mages, spriests.)
2. The melee and hunter group. (rogues, warriors, kitteh, ret pallies, pesky hunters.)

Where do I fall in the caster group? Am I in the top three?

For my 25s this change in how I thought about my damage done was HUGE. If I compare my damage with those in similar situations, then I am in the top three consistently, occasionally even first.

I can make adjustments. I can test things. I can pull out useful information. And get consistent feedback.

If someone is moving better than I, I can watch what they are doing.

If someone is not DPSing adds (*cough* Faid *cough*), it is easy to spot.

If you are getting frustrated with the damage done, make sure you are comparing yourself with those that have similar roles. No apples to oranges comparing.


  1. A warrior friend told me once. "The tank needs to move the boss out of the fire. The melee is not so smart and will stand in it."

    That's all well and good if the tank actually moves the boss. However, in my experience, most tanks are just as likely to have an eyeful of boss balls and won't move the boss's ass out of the fire until THEY'RE actually the ones on fire.

  2. Those boss balls are hard to see around sometimes. =[

  3. It ALL depends on the make up of the raid, whether it is progression content, or farm.

    Typically I will analyze the raid makeup, and quickly make the determination of whether the raid can consistently take down the adds WITHOUT my assistance.

    I have the luxury of course of specifying my role, I can fight tooth and nail to maintain my single target status.

    IF, it's progression, or the raid is lacking in DPS, then I will of course do the required target switching.

    I am not making excuses, I am happy to do what is needed to accomplish the task at hand!

    Affliction warlocks do their best DPS on single targets at this point, I do have focus target keys to reapply DOTS and spells to an additional target, but obviously focusing on one is much much better than attempting to keep EVERYTHING up on more than one.

    Suffice to say, we are better than we were, not where we used to be, but we are getting there!!

    Hydra, your DPS has made significant leaps and jumps, but far far far more important, is your ability to be RAID AWARE, which you are, and do so magnificently!!!!!!!

    The LEAST of your concerns should be where you fall in the meters! You are a great player.

  4. "Pesky" hunters?


  5. @Stop
    True enough. lol.

    When I tank ... all I see is bear ass covering mob balls.

    You are not suppose to say nice things to me cause I completely don't know how to respond. But thank you.

    Yes... pesky hunters.

  6. @ Stop

    For a tank to move the boss, there are QUITE a few things going on here.

    - If the tank is backed into a corner because the Boss kicks us around (Onyxia, Big stone guys in Ulduar, Icehowl, just to name a few) we literally are unable to see a damn thing.
    - Positioning a boss is actually a huge PITA. have you ever seen a tank have to run through them to find that the boss turns around again? This lovely dance makes it even more tedious for a tank to continueously manuver them around.
    - Melee are just plan lazy! If you can't hit him from the back, he/she/it has a leg you can hump on.