Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why not Mount Up?

I am trying to encourage my guild to regularly run Obsidian Sanctum three Drakes(OS3D) 10 and 25 mans to farm drakes. Currently this is my most frustrating thing in game. I don’t think people understand why mounts can be more important then farming gear.
(This topic makes me incoherent so bear with me on this list.)

1) Your gear will be replaced in the next patch.
2) There are always more emblems.
3) You know there is another expansion coming.
4) Cool weapons only get worn in Dalaran. How many Warglaves do you see running Icecrown now?
5) For an ICC geared group it is the fastest 20 minutes boss kill you will see. Heck TOC gear is good too.
6) It takes longer to get the group together then to kill the dragon.
7) It takes longer to kill trash then to kill the dragon.
8) Killing OS3D is about as long as the queue is for DPS to run their daily heroic on their own.
9) People are STILL farming mounts out of places like Stratholme, Zul'gurub, and Sethekk Halls.
10) How many runs of holiday bosses have you been on for mounts? Your guild?
11) Do you still go to Utgarde Pinnacle and think “Maybe the Blue Proto-Drake will drop this time?”
12) The more you complain about it the less you understand the value of loot.
13) Mounts are billboards of what your guild is doing.
14) How long do you think Blizzard is going to keep this GUARANTEED mount drop in the game?

Mounts and titles are the few things your character takes with you as you move from expansion to expansion.

I see one of my Shammies riding around on his Phoenix. It truly is one of the most beautiful mounts in game.  Beyond that I see a raider that ran Tempest Keep.

I see my Swift White Hawkstrider. It think about how excited the group was to see it drop. I know how much fun it was to run heroic Magister’s Terrace and strategize before killing the PvP boss.

To this day I still get shit for not giving the Headless Horseman’s Steed to Husband. The mount dropped on his birthday. F-k you all … you weren’t going to pass. I know I didn’t. *grin*

When my Mom-in-law hit 80 and started doing Heroics I set up a group for The Culling of Stratholme. It was not for gear upgrades. It was for the Bronze Drake. I was glad I was able to give that gift to her. A few days later she even thanked me again. She still loves flying around on it a great deal.

When I see someone on a Red Proto-Drake, Violet Proto-Drake, Ironbound Proto-Drake, or Rusted Proto-Drake, I see all the achievements completed to get one. When they are level 85 they will still have that one thing that said “Yea I did it”.

These simple things are marketing for guild recruitment.

Mounts are your billboards for your recruitment officers. It really tells where your guild is at in content. Also,  what your raiders are motivated to complete.

Are the groups I am raiding with lazy, bored, distracted, or complete jackasses? I don’t think so. But … really… I have no true idea why you would not help farm the drakes for raiders when the last run of OS3D took 20 minutes.


  1. Oooops, did I mention the NEENER NEENER part?

  2. ...

    Anywho. We have a date with a Target dummy... if you will stop being AFK lock.

  3. You Are awesome! I do want to get achievements too. I totally agree with you!

  4. I wouldn't mind farming some 10man OS3D until everyone gets a black drake. Let me know about maybe setting up a group.