Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whispering In

It has been a few months since I did the move to the new guild. I wanted to reflect a little on what stood out.

Raid invites are not sent out, you whisper into the raid leader.

This actually took some time to get use too. Most raid leaders start inviting people who signed up. Sending out gold lettered personal invitation saying “We cordially invite you to grace us with your presence tonight.”

Instead, as a raider you need to actively whisper into the raid leader the word “invite”. Each raider needs to actively engage in WANTING to be there.

Think about this change… the raider has to be out of party. We have mentally started getting ready for raid. We are now thinking about raid, typically reagents, buff items, and last minute gear issues can all be addressed.

At first I was creeped out by this.

I come into this new guild, getting thought the application process, now I have to tell THEM I want to raid. Strangely it felt like an imposition. Like if you knocked on a friend’s door. You know you will be invited in. But you are polite about it. You wait for the sweep of the hand to let you in through the door.

Here you just barge open their door and make yourself comfortable.

It feels more like … a meeting.

Everyone has the appointment on their calendar. You accepted or declined as you choose. But it is still your responsibility to show up. Not only show up, but be prepared to do your part… novel but not really.

For the Rogue it is now about whispering the raid leader “invite” way way way before… like 40 minutes before raid. Something about him getting food and he might as well get an early start.

I am still getting use to it.


  1. It may be more about convenience for the raid leader than anything else. When you as raid leader want to send out invites, people may not be in a position to accept them. It may be when a person is afk, or in a temporary group to give enchants... etc.

    If you as raid leader get a bunch of tells, it means that you just have to click "invite". Many chat mods even turn this into a clickable command if someone says it, so you don't even have to choose from the scroll-down menu on someone's name.

  2. It also shows the leader who actually cares about getting in. Who's making a conscious effort to become part of the raid and who simply takes their raid slot for granted.

    My guild does something similar(ish) but instead of whispering the leader you just show up at the door. The people who show up are the ones that go, because they're the ones that made the effort to show up. If there's too many for the raid, then the ones that get turned away have a guaranteed slot in the next raid.

    It's the best system I've been in to date and it works really well. No more waiting on Bobthebuildr because he signed up for it but the raid was scheduled to start 20 minutes ago. No more having to sit out doing nothing because you had to put in extra hours at work the day it was posted and now the raid's already full on sign ups.

  3. You know, I just stumbled onto your blog, and saw this post, and I had to wonder, how my raiders actualy felt about the system, especially since new people seem boggle at it, and act really strangely about how my system works.

    Basically what my raiders do is they sign up of the forums a few days in advance and a master list gets made up of who all is going, and then on the day of the raid, I spam a macro that says....

    "Invites Starting for the raid now! to get an invite you must say 'Invite' (You must be on the raid list on the forums to go)"

    My boyfriend and I both use the mod chatter and it pops up with a little clicky box for us that he and I can click, and several other officers just help do invites as well, but the rule is for us, no say invite, no invite. We take it as your sign that you're ready.

    But oddly, we actually have a reason for all of this, we started the program because I "interrupted" a applicant's questing with one of my raid invites when I used to just click and invite people 15 minutes before the raid. She pitched a major bitch fit, and I kicked her out of the raid and the guild the next day when her attitude continued, but now no one can ever give me the "I'm not ready, reinvite in two minutes." Bullshit, because, you typed invite, clearly, you agreed you were ready.