Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Honor Earned then Taken Away

There is a blue post and confirmed rumors about resetting honor in the expansion. At first I was really angry. Then I reread the blue post.
In order to make the transition from The Burning Crusade to Wrath of the Lich King flow as smoothly as possible, all accrued honor points will be reset at the launch of the expansion. … For those with unspent honor points prior to the release of the expansion, we will be offering a few upgrades and special rewards in next content patch solely for purchase via the honor system.
In my initial reading I thought it will reset honor kills. There are some people on a level 19 that have over 30,000 HK. To achieve this it takes a lot of time and knowledge. I was ready to be angry but then realized I was wrong. They are just resetting the honor points. *whew*

I earned my Battle Standard earlier this year. If you are trying to earn your Alliance and Horde Battle Standard on your twinks you will need to finish that up. Looking at your honor points you may even consider holding off and waiting until after the release to get your 15,300 Honor.

They are releasing some new items to spend your honor points on. I will be watching to see if there is something fun for twinks. I have 6,729 honor right now with 15,894 honor kills. Maybe I should get out there and make another goal to hit 16,000 by Wrath. Looks like there is some more Horde killing in my near future.

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  1. My baby 19 rogue twink was seriously pursuing a battle standard, with a lot of time and effort put into it - now it's pretty much gone, as there is no way I can finish the grind before Wrath and my months' worth of effort is gone. Likewise for my other lowbie characters who were trying for battle standards/tokens for tabards/tokens for mounts in the future.

    I can't be any more frustrated and disappointed about this change. Take the marks and honor off my 5 70s, I'm fine - just don't touch my lowbies, who don't want your stinking level 80 epics anyway.