Friday, September 26, 2008

Wrath Prep Beyond 375 Tailoring

I know the mad dash to get skill ups in the expansion will make the cost of the new materials high. So I was looking at what items I can make now for leveling my tailoring beyond 375. These items will take Outland materials only so I can farm for them and stock up.

The orange items I can make are:
[Tailoring: Runic Spellthread]
[Tailoring: Mycah's Botanical Bag]
[Tailoring: Ebon Shadowbag]
[Tailoring: Soulguard Bracers]
[Tailoring: Soulguard Girdle]
[Tailoring: Battlecast Pants]
[Tailoring: Frozen Shadoweave Robe]

The yellow items:
[Tailoring: Frozen Shadoweave Boots]
[Tailoring: Manaweave Cloak]
[Tailoring: Unyielding Girdle]
[Tailoring: Vengeance Wrap]

These patterns take a lot of primals and specialty cloth. The specialty cloth has a four day cooldown. If I want to use Outland material to skill up I am going to have to start accumulating the cloth I need now.

*scans list and checks banks*

My pattern of choice for leveling is Mycah's Botanical Bag. With inscriptionist needing herbs, everyone can use bigger herb bags. In addition my current access to Primal Life (picking herbs) and Primal Water (from fishing) makes creating Primal Mooncloth easy.

I also know a lot of Mooncloth tailors letting their cooldowns pass. I know I only use my Shadowcloth cooldown for others. I think I have only used it once in the last two months. For this project I am changing my tailoring specialization to Mooncloth.

I don’t expect to get my gold back from making these bags. Making these bags may get me from 275-285. I may even have more skill ups then that. Beyond the gold saved, it will allow me to gather the new cloth and utilize it to better advantage.

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  1. I wish I was at the computer with the Beta installed on it. Ah well.

    There's stuff at the trainers in Northrend from 350+ for most professions - I only checked Enchanting & Tailoring, that's what my priest does - using the new materials found up there. You'll be making green cloth armor until 400, there's shirts at 400, and BAGS! at 410.

    I'm kind of excited about the bags, if you couldn't tell. But don't fret about gathering expensive BC mats to level your stuff up.

    Wowhead WOTLK filter for Tailoring:;crs=1:10;crv=0:0#0+3+1

    - Schadnfreude