Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You’re Looking to Raid in WotLK

Talking with my raid leader we were discussing something that I never thought about. What will the pool of raiders look like after WotLK is released?

The expansion hits and you want to raid. This new expansion is adding a tenth class. This tenth class does not heal. All ten classes will have the potential to dps. Yet, the raids will still be comprised of 20% tank, 50% dps, 30% healers.

So that leaves us with more dps and potentially less healers. Some of us don’t heal anyone but ourselves.

For a new player or someone who wants to start raiding, creating a healer class would give them the best chance to raid. The Druid, Paladin, Shaman, or the Priest classes all have viable dps and healing options. Each having some great advantages and are fun to play.

But me healing??

I tried this healing thing in battlegrounds. *shiver*

I told my raid leader my thoughts on me healing in the future…

Healing is non-horrid.

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