Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Other Half Update

My rogue and I talk all the time about gear. A great rogue resource is I even agree with most of the twink information (there are some combinations that are better which I will not go into here). With some double checking over the last year with our own research it encourages me that the level 70 information is a good guide.

One of his most insistent issues is his weapons. Rogues get swords, daggers, maces, and fists weapons. Maces are really for PvP with the stunning effect. Good PvE rogues know how to stunlock but more importantly know when to use it, random proc from maces are not a good thing. The highest dps weapons for rogues are swords. But is it?

If the best weapons you can GET are daggers. Go dagger specialization.

If the best weapons you can GET are fists. Go fist specialization.

Swords may never drop, even then you may never win the roll or have the dkp. So get every upgrade because it is better for the guild if you take the item then to have another DE shard in the bank.

Above that … you will just look REALLY cool. Husband picked up the Claw of the Phoenix and the Talon of the Phoenix from Al’ar. He enchanted them up and specialized in fists then trounced SSC. At the same time, he had half the raid whispering him about how cool the weapons look and a few “I want to roll a ROGUE!”

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