Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In an Epic Titanium World

When I was under 25 thousand gold I actually felt wow poor. Silliness I know. I run in groups that half the wow gold cap is the norm. At 40 thousand gold I not only have a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth have bought a chopper as a gift. I can now buy two more mammoths and have gold left over.I have surpassed my passive goal of 40 thousand gold. I continue to auction my normal tailoring items and reselling stacks of eternal into singles. But the last 15 thousand was from speculation on epic gems and new gear.

As soon as the announcement that epic gems will be available from Titanium Ore in patch 3.2 I started stockpiling. I bought ore in the auction house anywhere from 5 to 10 gold apiece.

When the patch 3.2 came out I had 1,860 pieces of ore to be prospected.I found a nice guildie Jewelcrafter who would prospect them for me. I told him I had a ton of ore. More specifically described as a bank tab full.
Ametrine 15
Cardinal Ruby 17
Dreadstone 17
Eye of Zul 12
King's Amber 17
Majestic Zircon 11

Autumn's Glow 26
Forest Emerald 17
Monarch Topaz 10
Scarlet Ruby 12
Sky Sapphire 19
Twilight Opal 11

Bloodstone 99
Chalcedony 94
Dark Jade 94
Huge Citrine 86
Shadow Crystal 79
Sun Crystal 103

Titanium Powder 272

I received 89 epic gems. Just under 4.8% of the ore produced epics. This was a lot higher then I expected.

I am not a JC and am only selling the raw gems. Some things I kept in mind.
  1. New emblem and instance gear will last for an estimated 5-7 weeks, then there will be less demand.
  2. I didn’t want to end up having to vendor the green gems. Sell them hard and fast.
  3. Vendor green gems are an option if AH doesn’t look to be working. (But have yet to.)
  4. Alchemists can transmute uncut superior gems to create epic gems.
  5. Epic gems will be high the first few days then drop below where they will norm out in a few weeks.
  6. Keep an eye out for sellers who will severely undercut for quick epic gem resell opportunities.
  7. Titanium Powder is a boon. Don’t undersell. People will be buying powder for a lot longer then the gear is going to be farmed from the ToC.
  8. Titanium Ore can now be sold for 15-16 gold a piece.
  9. I am already seeing a slowness in the gem market.
I recouped all my gold invested in this little adventure. In the first 48 hours I made over 4 thousand gold. Epic gems those first few days sold for 300-500 gold. I have only put up three gems each at a time. Same with the superior quality gems.

I have less then a stack of each of the green gems left. So far I am having luck at selling green gems at pre patch 3.2 prices.

It took me a day or two to realize that Titanium Powder was used for buying the epic JC patterns. A few stacks made good payment to my jewelcrafters as a thank you.

Now I am back to normal business. I don’t need to go for outside help. It was sure a wild ride.

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  1. Girl! You so rich! Tell Noc you and him should adopt me and spoil me rotten.