Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rez Plz

Tuesday night one of my very nice tanks asked if I would join him in a PuG 25 Vault of Archavon. Hydra doesn’t need anything in VoA for PvE. But there was a possibility of PvP gear and a few emblems. Plus I have not used that raid ID in forever.

I don’t mind pugging VoA for guildies. First it lasts a maximum of two hours, because that is when the next Wintergrasp battle starts. Secondly, it is non-dkp loot possibilities and emblems for everyone. Lastly, I can see where my DPS is for fights I have been doing for a long while, like a live training dummy.

First pull went ok. We still wiped. Didn’t look to be on any horrid technical or gear problems. More like melee didn’t get out of Emalon’s Lightning Nova fast enough so a few went down.

Second pull Emalon was killed.


In the first minute of the fight one of the rogues died. … by the stairs. I don’t know if it was at the pull. I only noticed it when he started asking for a combat rez.

Then again.

…then again.

…then again.

We were ignoring him.

After a bit I couldn’t handle it anymore so I said something in vent.

“Yea. A combat rez would be nice. If we actually had a DRUID in raid.”


  1. That was priceless! Someone should give him an intellect buff.

  2. Awesome! Oh, and Jess? That's EXACTLY why everyone in our 25-mans gets Int AND Spirit. ;)