Friday, August 7, 2009


First, the new Wintergrasp changes better not affect my fishing daily quest. If I get ported out of the area because a Wintergrasp started I will be extremely pissed. Particularly because the PvP side of Wintergrasp is broken.

Wintergrasp was broken my first run in there. Tuesday the fishing daily was in WG. Since it was 13 minutes prior to the battle starting I entered and was immediately asked to queue for battle. I did that.

I finished my fishing quest with 4 minutes to spare. Well... there are herbs to pick and Horde to kill. You know. Fishing delays.

The game started.

I can say it was underwealming. Even though it was 11 PM server there just didn’t seem to be enough people in the zone to make it feel like a battle. Where I would run into packs of 5-8 Horde I saw 1-2. Where I would see 5-8 Alliance I ran into 2.

It was … disappointing.

Alliance won the battle. But this was the first time in a long time it went for the full length of the time. We basically stalled to win.

Then I didn’t receive my three marks or a quest complete for winning Wintergrasp. As of Thursday night I still didn’t have my issue resolved. The Wintergrasp fix is broken and if the fix brakes my fishing I will start screaming.

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