Monday, November 17, 2008

A Stable Keeper and her Professions

Like everyone I am leveling. I am NOT leveling fast at all. Pretty much I am dragging my feet, putzing around, and in general taking in the scenery. A large portion of my raider friends have passed me. I was placed myself in Loserville when our leveling Death Night PASSED me. Yea… I did it… I called him a “Bitch”.

No worries, I will get to leveling. Just not fast. I have been reading the quest text. I love it. There is great fun there. But that is not all... what I have been doing is what you are not suppose to be doing if you want to level fast. Messing with my professions…

Tailoring: Leveling using the Mycah's Botanical Bag for skill ups has been great. My only problem is I am lacking Primal Mooncloth. I made six bags and the pattern is still orange for me. I planned on having stacks and stacks of Primal Mooncloth. I got distracted with RL and other things. Even still I have been really happy with how easy they are made and the skill ups.

Herbs: Level to 400 prior to getting to Northrend. My Mining and Skinning compatriots have told me they have not had a problem at all. Few others had those first few levels on their herbing and left higher level plans behind. THAT IS NOT OK.

It took me one round in Netherstorm to level up to 400. With no one farming in Outland, more than 50% of the nodes were up for me to herb. I didn’t realize I maxed out my herbalism until doing this post. No problems in Northrend now. THE HERBS ARE MINE ALL MINE *diabolical laughter*

First-aid: Level to 400 ASAP. The pattern for Heavy Frostweave Bandage is an uncommon drop from mobs. You need a minimal level of 390 to see the drop if you are in a group to roll for it. Anyone in your group with a higher than 390 first-aid will get to roll. You will have to have 400 first-aid to learn the manual so just aim for 400.

Cooking: I saved some Enormous Barbed Gill Trout. I skilled up on making the Hot Buttered Trout. Now everything is green or gray. So I have been doing to cooking daily for the Dalaran Cooking Award to buy new recipes. Start this ASAP. Every three days you will be able to buy a new cooking recipe.

Fishing: I have been fishing. I will tell you this about fishing… it doesn’t give you experience points… very few skill ups too. But fun!

Back to leveling…
To be a Stable Keeper I need one more mount.
Really I needed something to motivate myself. *look in gold sack*
What should I get? *weights the over 20K burning a hole in sack*
I kept getting distracted by silly things
… like repairing and vendoring items.
How should I solve this little problem? *thinks and thinks*
I mean it is soooOOOoooo distracting.
SoooOOOoooo time comsuming.
SoooOOOoooo… I know!


My tenth ride is the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth. Only if it had a mailbox I would never need to hearth again.

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