Thursday, February 26, 2009

Farming Zul’Gurub

Three level 80s are farming the three bosses for the book and mounts. Zul’Gurub resets every three days. We make pretty quick work of it.

Zul’Gurub goals:
1. Tome of Polymorph: Turtle
2. Swift Razzashi Raptor
3. Swift Zulian Tiger

The turtle book sells for a lot of gold on my realm. I think the last on I saw up in the auction house was 1600 gold. Beyond that I am sick and tired of My Mages QQ (I know right?) about the dang thing.

Then the possibility of two different bosses having a potential to drop mounts. I saw the orange kitty and fell in love with the possibility. But heck if I am there why not try for the raptor too.

I truly believe as a warlock I can one man these bosses. But since I don’t see a direct gold benefit, except for the off chance the turtle book drops, I choose farm with friends and not to re-talent. Gahz'ranka and Bloodlord Mandokir are relatively easy to two man (Rogue and Warlock). High Priest Thekal was a challenge with two but easy with three.

Turtle Book

This nice BoE item drops off Gahz'ranka. There is less then a 15% chance for the book to drop.

To be able to summon this boss:
1. You have to pick up the quest by getting Nat’s Measuring Tape in ZG
2. Deliver it to Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh.
3. Once at Nat Pagle, don’t forget to buy a Mudskunk Lure or two. They are not soulbound so you can hold a few on a storage toon if you don’t want to track over there to get another for a while.
4. Once back at ZG, fish five of the Zulian Mudskunk. Find Fish ability makes this really easy. The fish is also not soulbound again something you can pre farm if you wish, but take all of a minute and half to fish out.
5. Right clicking on the Lure with the five Mudskunk in your bags summons Gahz’ranka. This also gets you the achievement Deadliest Catch.

I am quite sure as a demonology warlock I could easily farm him myself. Felguard tank him and I kill him. Thinking about it maybe I will try the infernal.

Gahz hits for a bout 2K and has a knock back. The knock back deals damage and you also take fall damage. So fighting in the water is recommended. I suggest under the pretty waterfall.

For efficiency sake it is best to have two people to kill Gahz. Rogue and Warlock worked quite well. Rogue evasion tanked and I dotted. He vanished I kited. Then the boss died.

Our first trip there rewarded us with the Turtle Book. Which we wrapped up and I sent to one of the mages in guild. He has 10 level 80s in guild and is a character himself. I like him, even though not only is his main a mage… he has two… level 80 mages.

Swift Razzashi Raptor

The raptor mount drops off Bloodlord Mandokir. There is less then a 1% chance for his raptor to drop.

This can absolutely be 2-maned. We sometimes kill a few mobs around the base of the temple he patrols. If you have a real concern about the fears kill a few of the packs. You can PvP trinket out of the fears and I am sure the human racial. Honestly this is about time saving farming so unless we randomly aggro a pack we leave them alone.

Kill the Troll first and then kill his mount. Mandokir does whirlwind and AoE fear. If one person dies a ghost approaches and resurrects you. Nothing fancy needed at 80 it is a tank and spank.

Swift Zulian Tiger

The orange tiger mount drops off High Priest Thekal. Again there is less then a 1% chance for the tiger to drop.

Here you need to kill all the little tigers and trolls before the boss. They will come in and help the boss in the fight. The ax throwers have a nasty silence and stun. Focus on killing them first.

The trick to this fight is that the High Priest and friends, Zealot Zath (rogue like abilities) and Zealot Lor'Khan (shaman like abilities), have to die at the same time or they will resurrect each other. And have to be killed all over again.

A warrior, rogue, and lock had no problems killing the three of them at the same time. Twice actually. *cringe*

After the three die Thekal comes back as a weretiger. Kill him and loot.

Good luck!


  1. Nice guide tho its kinda fail since you assume you need two or even three people while my lvl 80 warrior with blooddraining and bloodthirst can solo the whole instance besides Jindo and Hakkar (resets on MC)...

    Takes way more time granted but both mount bosses and the fish boss are easy to solo...

  2. Plate makes a world of difference. My DK and Paladin can farm the various bosses without any effort at all. Also, Hakkar is fully soloable. You just absolutely must be alone. Any combat pet will lead to a MC which then leads to you resetting him once the pet is dead.

  3. Thanks for the guide. Obviously it is easier to solo now than when the guide was written... so it is not "fail".

  4. Odd unrelated fact for Mr. Warrior: My shadowpriest can solo Jin'do easily. Does that make you fail?

    Thanks for taking the time to write the guide Hydra.