Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

So while I was screaming at the cars going in circles. (I don’t think Jr meant to cause that accident, but his pre-race interview was worrisome. Jr looked tired and stressed, he didn’t have the confidence I expect from the top drivers. Tony looked good in the new car. Nice to see Clint finish in the top five. Not sure about the Logano kid, he does have a great team around him. Now back to WoW.)

Husband decided to fish and was rewarded for his efforts. He only won because I was not there.
Congratulations! One less person fishing out my tastyfish.


  1. Wait just a minute.. your husband was fishing and you were watching stupid nascar? Sure that isn't backwards? ;)

  2. Oh. He started watching after winning the fishing contest. I like all the pre-race interviews and information.

    This week I will not have to choose since Fontana starts after fishing on my server. So it maybe my week to win. =)